Sasha Kitten and the Mysterious Lump

Back in December, Sasha Kitten had a not so good health diagnosis from the vet. Since that time we have taken him  back in to be treated for a respiratory infection which he beat like a champ. He has good days and bad, but quite honestly more good ones than I expected he would have. My little fighter kitty.

Over the last month (or maybe a little longer) we’ve noticed he has been pooping outside the litter box. I wasn’t sure if the other kitties were bullying him and keeping him away, so we put not one but TWO kitty litter boxes close to where he hangs out most in the living room. We aren’t noticing any pee smells anywhere, but he is still pooping in areas around the house.

This past weekend, he pooped several times around the house, soft serve icky sticky poo. AND I caught him vomiting at least 5 times. Again, soft serve icky sticky brightly colored watery vomit. Not just food. (That is the one good thing, he has his appetite and is drinking water.)

In my mama moment of panic, I found myself examining his back side to see if there was anything I could notice that might be wrong, and I found a lump. And when I touched the lump he howled. Was not a happy kitty at all. I told HWMMS about it and we made an appointment at the vet for Monday afternoon.

Ugh. I didn’t sleep at all. My stomach was in knots and I was full of dread.

At the vet, the tech checks out Sasha and when she gets to his backside area he gets meowy and uncomfortable (as usual, that is where it hurts the most for him and since he has been vomiting, I wonder how much pain meds he has in his system at all.) But she didn’t feel a lump.

The vet comes in and examines Sasha and the same thing happens.

No lump.

Oh my GOD.

The lump I felt?


That’s called the PENIS.

Let me recap, I thought my cat’s penis was a cancerous lump.

At this point in time HWMMS is holding back laughter but does manage to say out loud…”I can’t wait to pay this bill, just for the story alone.”

The vet reminds me that he was vomiting and has diarrhea and those are true symptoms that something is going on…but all I can think about was how I was stroking my 15 year old cat’s penis trying to figure out if it was a lump.

In my defense, um ignorance, I didn’t actually look at the lump/penis. He wouldn’t let me get close. I was just going by feeling alone.

Yep. All Things Jennifer creating stories for her vets to share with their friends and family for years to come.

Sasha Kitten (and his penis) have a prescription bland diet food and two probiotics to assist him in whatever is going on right now. They are running a few tests as well. His penis for those who are wondering, is fine.





Easter Eggs

Our friends the McDougalls came over this weekend for dinner and I snuck in a little Easter Egg decoration time. Despite HWMMS not wanting to color eggs, I think he had a good time. You can tell which egg is his right?


Maeve (who is 13) asked if he bleeped out the swearing.  He did.

I have no idea how that one brown egg on top morphed into that beautiful pattern, that was the one “ugly” egg attempt where you add all the colors together at the end. It turned out to be anything but ugly!

Do YOU decorate Easter Eggs? Share your pictures with me!

Blog Her 2015


Yep. I tool the plunge friends. After 12 years of blogging, I’m FINALLY attending my first BlogHer conference this July in NYC!

I got my feet wet last year when I attended Blog U in Baltimore, MD. I unfortunately can’t attend this year because it is a date that I have two other events going on here close to home (27th Annual Springville Dairy and Ag Fest and Rebels and Redcoats at Old Fort Niagara anyone?) so I’ll be following my fellow alums from afar.

I’m super excited. Already started Twitter lists of speakers and attendees.

And plus, NYC.

Anyone out there reading ever attend a BlogHer conference? Advice?

The Final Three!


I want to give EVERYONE who commented on All Things Jennifer for the Uncommon Goods $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway! Aaaah! I might not be cut out for this kind of giveaway thing…you all are fantastic! Why did I say I would choose three? Next time, all random. Live and learn.

That said, I did end up selecting the following three people

Lauren M
Because not only was she the first person to respond, but she also picked an item that she has loved that would be in a price range of buying with the help of a GC. I would do the same thing.

Kara K.
Because this wonderful silly woman is regifiting all the things she would purchase and passing them on to charitable causes.If I don’t select her as one of the three, well, karma?

Amy C.
Um, she is totally sending fertility my way…

And I have a bonus person, Sarah H. only because she has mommy/pregnancy brain right now and I don’t want her hubby to find that she either went on a shopping binge OR froze all her credit cards in the freezer because I introduced her to this store.

But seriously? I want every one of you to win. I’m not cut out for the life of giveaways…


I will announce the winner MONDAY MORNING!