Typos. Make. A. Difference.

“Thanksgiving Tuesday! Time for a Random Act of Kindness. I trust you can figure out SOMETHING to do for SOMEONE”


“Thanksgiving Tuesday! Time for a Random Act of Kindness. I trust you can figure out SOMETHING to do or SOMEONE”


Typos. Make. A. Difference.




When you are a person who LOVES SNOW….even after all these years…when I go to bed at night teased by thoughts of a snow covered wonderland and wake up to barely a dusting…my inner childhood, snow loving heart breaks.

Why did I move to the Southern Tier hilly ski countryesque area again? I hate weather forecasts. 8-12 inches. Nope. Bah humbug.


Despite the daunting looking sky this morning…


This was what I see out the window.

Color me unimpressed.

I did however get out of the cranky no-snow mood once I hit Target.


AND then I heard CHRISTMAS MUSIC on the radio on the drive home.


Now, time to drink my Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee while my new USB Christmas Penguin watches over me as I play on the computer.

I’m not even planning on looking outside the rest of the day, I know better…

What a Difference a Year Makes!

As everyone and their mother is reporting, tonight is the one-year anniversary date of SNOWMAGEDON in WNY. Winter Storm Knife. Whatever it was called that didn’t hit Springville.

THIS YEAR instead of playing in the pretty snow…HWMMS and I made it outdoors and planted lots and lots of bulbs.


All together I believe we planted about 100 cloves of garlic, 150 red onions, 25 walking onions, 25 yellow multiplier onions, 100 giant yellow daffodils, 100 tete-tete daffodils and about 1000 random selection of pink/white/blue/purple flowers.


I started shucking the rest of our dried garlic and I’m finding myself itching to plant more. Never enough…I think I’m going to put in at least 100 more later this week.

Someone stop me from going online to find more bulbs. I seriously could plant THOUSANDS and not be satisfied. I want daffodils and tulips to pop up in patches all over our woods. I still want to get bulbs to force over the winter so they can bring me happiness this spring…

Yeah, better get on that, off to buy more bulbs!

Queen City Roller Girls Expo Bout: We All Brawl!

Lake Effect Furies Announce 2016 Rosters; 4th Annual “We All Brawl” Expo A Success



“With two solid travel teams, three competitive home leagues, a Queen’s Court that is graduating skaters direct to the Furies and a solid Jr. program fans have lots of to cheer for in this 2016 season. With 30 more bouts to come this season, fans also get to look forward to a finished Riverworks facility with a 27′ scoreboard for games, an open mezzanine, and an overall amazing atmosphere for women’s flat track roller derby. Let’s Roll Buffalo! ”


The Bacon Family is ready for another year of Roller Derby!


You’ll probably see (read) me Tweeting most bouts this season…


And the Mister? Well you’ll find him. Here. There. Everywhere.


For the Birds!

While running errands today I made a HUGE mistake by suggesting we stop at JoAnn’s…HWMMS had been thinking about buying fabric to make a Thanksgiving tablecloth large enough to host our upcoming Friendsgiving Dinner celebration, so it seemed like a logical idea.

Except nothing is ever logical when it comes to that place. ALL THE THINGS CALL OUT MY NAME! So many pretty fabrics, so many pretty decorations, so many everything! AND IT’S ALWAYS ON SALE, right?

Um…right. Except when you find awesome items like this giant ridiculous turkey centerpiece and you realize the price tag is $130.


Even at 60% off this is WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. HWMMS told me I need to just go out in the woods and start picking up crap and bringing it indoors and glue it to mason jars instead. He’s not completely wrong with this thinking…


We did pick up a few feet of fabric. I had to control myself and step away from the adorable flannel PENGUIN prints and tartans. Instead we bought this pretty Holiday one for a table runner and dragonflies for throw pillows. Oh and he picked up a few feet of black furry fabric for leggings to go with his Jon Snow cape. Um…yeah.

I do love that sewing man of mine! Tis a trade I never really picked up myself…now time to get some pinecones and twigs and perhaps spray paint, oh wait…it’s already dark outside. Maybe tomorrow.

Stockings for St. Luke’s & Candy Land Games for Kindergartners

The Holiday season is fast approaching, which means Michele Johnson’s Merry Elves are working on several projects again this year in memory of her son James.

Each year many families come to St Luke’s Mission of Mercy to have their holiday meal and we like to ensure each child leaves with a Christmas stocking. We invite you to meet us at St Luke’s on Wednesday December 23rd at 10:30am where we will drop off the stockings and missionaries will distribute them during their holiday meal


Each stocking should include the following

1 small toy or new stuffed animal (toddler to pre-teen)
1 $5 gift card to Tim Hortons or McDonalds
1 pair of socks (toddler to pre-teen)


The other annual project involves Santa’s Elves throwing a Holiday Party for the 3 Kindergarten classes at Lovejoy Discovery School #43 where each child receives a wrapped CANDY LAND game along with a pizza and cookie decorating party. (Approximately 90 kiddos)

We will have 2 drop off dates before the 22nd/23rd for people who would like to donate but are unable to accompany us. PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Any and all donations of items listed above will go a long way to making a huge impact. If you aren’t able to get together a stocking but can donate gift cards or socks we can put stockings together.

ALSO a new project this year: Have any hotel samples lying around your home that you’d like to get to a good home? You can drop them off with the games/stockings as we will be making “Blessing Bags” filled with hygiene products that will be donated to Friends of the Night People and St. Luke’s! This is an ongoing project so please think of us as you are readying your homes for the holidays and as you are doing things like spring cleaning!

Thank you!

Monetary donations can be sent via PayPal to allthingsjennifer@yahoo.com please mention In Memory of James in your message.

More about St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy can be found here:

Thank you so, so, so much! So many of you have been a part of this wonderful cause the past five years, we truly couldn’t do it without your kindness and support.

And please, share with your family and friends…