Looks Like I Need New Glasses


This. This is a photo of me with my now fixed glasses.

Giant Puppy took them from me when I napped (my fault, my fault…) and HWMMS somehow pieced them together until I can get a new pair. (Saint Husband) I was literally so mad I didn’t want to see Giant Puppy last night. No literally, I couldn’t see her if I wanted because the pair of backup glasses I have are from several years ago before I met HWMMS.

I KNOW I NEED a new pair anyhow, my script needs to be adjusted but…yeah.

Any guesses how long it will be until I go in public like this? I have a feeling HWMMS will delight in not reminding me. 😉


First of all, if I could somehow become QUEEN OF THE WORLD all dresses would have pockets. Because, pockets are amazing.


Secondly, I might have over-packed. I have ten dresses for a five day trip, yet somehow I still have nothing to wear. Mostly I feel like I have nothing to wear because my beautiful soul sister and business partner-in-crime Colleen looks AMAZING in her adorable green and white dress and I am totally jealous.

This is where I would take a photo of Colleen and add it to this post, but right now she is on the phone with APPLE, on my phone which is also my camera because, you see, the day of a blogging conference in NYC her phone decided to die. So she woke up early, went to the Sprint store, got a new phone (and brought me back a coffee and croissant in bed!) and has been trying to do a restore and now is stuck…her screen wants a password. She doesn’t have a password. Nice customer service lady on the other line is apparently telling her there shouldn’t be a password. Ugh. Looks like a STIFF DRINK IS IN ORDER AS SOON AS YE APPLE GODS RESTORE HER PHONE.

And if there’s any doubt that Colleen is a soul sister, well, I feel *slightly* responsible for this occurrence since two days prior, aka the day BEFORE we left for a blog conference, I left my phone on the back of the car and HWMMS drove away and my phone went for a little drive too. it ended up looking like this.


Pretty right? Almost like a starry night. EXCEPT NOT. Lucky for me this happened the day before we left so the very nice man at our local Verizon store assisted me in upgrading to the exact same phone (but with a pretty gold back) which only took, well, um, about a little over an hour.

The universe wanted us both to have new phones before BlogHer15. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. (We also both upgraded to better plans for $1/$2 cheaper per month, so that’s good news too, but it didn’t HAVE to happen this week…)

Always an adventure, eh?

Lake Effect Furies Make the Division One Playoffs!

Lake Effect Furies to Make First Ever Division 1 Playoff Appearance in Omaha

Credit: Chris Kalisiak (CK Photographic Systems)

GO FURIES! So proud of all the talented Queen City Roller Girls athletes and volunteers and friends! Looks like the BACON FAMILY IS HEADING TO OMAHA. Which is of course on our bucket list, because, um, Peyton Manning. But really, it will help us cross off a bunch of those United States we have yet to visit.

The Difference of a Decade

In my early 30s I entertained the thought of living in NYC and was even accepted into a teaching fellowship program. In my early 40s I can’t even imagine wanting to live in the concrete jungle of steamy heat and so, so, so many people. What a difference a decade makes. Silly early 30s Jenny.

The best part? All of this has been chronicled over the years right here at All Things Jennifer.

Thank you blogging, for being such a huge part of my life and changing my world.

Bizness Time!

Have I mentioned I *KNOW* I’m going to be a kickass Real Estate Agent? Cause I totally am.


Now that I got that obviousbrag out of the way, yesterday I met my future Broker, Mr. J. Philip of J. Philip Real Estate for the first time in the Westchester County office. My soul sister Colleen of Best Buffalo Homes and I represent the Buffalo Contingency of the Office and since we are in NYC for BLOGHER15 this week, we decided to make an appearance and I got a chance to introduce myself.


A few hours later, I found myself as a guest at a lovely Country Club and networking with talented Real Estate Professionals at the REVamp Westchester RED Party. Not too shabby, eh? I think I like how this group rolls…


OF COURSE I just happened to have a red dress packed cause I lurve me some pretty low cut red dresses.

Life is pretty good. I feel completely content knowing for once in my life, I’m EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be.

Now, onward to my first BLOGHER conference!