I just wrote in a message to a friend, Calgon take me away! — And realized there’s a whole generation (gulp, or two?) who are reading this post right now that never experienced the joy of this commercial first hand.


June 7th: Inspired by Elise and Mike…I’ve started wearing my Fitbit again to get moving. Anyone else out there? Come friend me and let’s cheer each other on!

Funny aside…when you accidentally type in your weight 100 pounds less than what the ARIA wireless scale states, you get lots and lots and lots of exciting colorful badges to delete off your profile that you didn’t earn. Oops.

So…here I am today.


First week of FitBit wearing. I realized my average daily steps sat at maaaaaaybe 4,000 a day so I started my goal out at 5,000, just to make sure I could feel like I was accomplishing something instead of failing. With the help of challenges by friends I easily crushed past that goal and made it to 10,000+ each day (except yesterday) let’s see how long this challenges me.