Too Soon?

I expect to hear HWMMS yelling at me in 5…4…3…2…

I just felt compelled to start listening to, um…

Actually his exact words coming up the stairs?

“OH, F*** NO!”

I can’t help myself! I did a wee bit of Christmas Shopping online today and well, it’s almost time! I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! And as I suspected, this is just about the time of year I usually start with the Christmas tunes. See what being a blogger for the last 11 years does to a person, ARCHIVES BABY!

OCTOBER 25, 2007

A little bit of music and a lot a glass of wine…

Of course when I was working in Marketing with the Orchestra we were already knee-deep in Holiday Pops and Johnny Santis by this point… ;)

Spare the Zebras II


Bowling. Meh. But as a good Wifey of a Zeeb, I will be there with stinky rental shoes on and black/white Zebra  Striped attire! Come watch me make a total fool of myself at my least favorite pastime!


SPARE THE ZEBRAS II: Bowling Fundraiser for the Queen City Roller Girls HERD (Referees and Non-Skating Officials)

Tickets cost $15.00 per person & includes: 3 games, rental shoes, 1 slice of pizza & 1 soda. (Kitchen will be open for food orders if you’d like more and cash bar available too!) Tickets available at the door or from any member of the Buffalo Herd!  (Hint, hint…THE BACON FAMILY HAS TICKETS TO SELL!)

50/50 Raffle and Basket Raffles!

Momma Hammer (LMT) will be available for chair massages again! ($1.00 per minute, 5 minute minimum)

Trophies for:
– Best Team Score (5 bowlers = 1 team)
– Individual High Score.
– Lowest Score

All benefits go to Herd 2015 expenses.


Indoor Gardening

At some point I will do a wrap-up of All Things Garden 2014 but for now, just know it wasn’t as successful as I hoped.

Several of the plants in the very large main garden area that we plotted out just didn’t grow. At. All.  Too wet, too cold, too gloomy? Too weedy? Too poor of soil? All of the above?

The strange thing was, while the plants didn’t grow, they didn’t die either. They all just sat there in this odd state of arrested development.  No tomatoes, peppers, corn, eggplant, squash, pumpkins, brussel sprouts, celery…nada.  NOTHING. (However there was slight success with cucumbers, gourds, onions, kale, radishes, beets and beans in the same space.)

Enter SERIOUS garden depression.

A few weeks ago we decided to dig up a few of the plants and bring them indoors on the balcony greenhouse space to see if we could make anything happen. I’m ridiculous happy to say, the plants have started to grow!


Baby hot peppers, where before there were none.


Baby green peppers, where before there were none.


Baby eggplants, where before there was one.


Baby celery growth, where before there was none.


Baby brussel sprout growth, where before there was none.

I also brought in the basil, thyme and rosemary from the herb garden and have large pots filled with new growth. And I’m also thinking about attempting to do some warm weather veggies by seed over the winter in this area to see how far they can grow. The tomato plants I grew from seed did incredibly well on the balcony under the grow lights, until I took them out to the garden. Stay tuned.

Pressure Canning Success!

Woo hoo!


HWMMS did help me with the first go around since I was a wee bit frightened I would get something wrong, but as you can see NO JARS EXPLODED! Pressure canning success!

I would say, being a trainwreck and all…that it wasn’t as scary as I thought, the lid was secure nothing was going to explode. HOWEVER it took a lot of patience, which isn’t my strongest suit. Waiting for it to steam, then waiting to get it at pressure, then cooking at the right pressure, then waiting for the pressure to drop, then waiting to remove the pressure gauge to release all the steam and then, finally, unlocking and opening the lid.

Now I can put my beef and chicken stocks in the pantry instead of in the freezer. HURRAH!

(Yes, it’s the little things…)

Pressure Canner: Why Am I Terrified Of You?

HWMMS (He Who Makes Me Smile) mentioned the other day that he was shocked that we didn’t already own a pressure canner, because “isn’t that an essential item?”

In our house, perhaps. Especially since I have jars of bone broth in the fridge that would be much better suited for the pantry right now.

So tell me why is this bad boy still sitting on the counter? I did take it out of the box, but…

There was one story, long ago, about a pressure canner randomly exploding and for that reason alone (doesn’t matter if it was true or not…) I’M TERRIFIED OF ACTUALLY USING THIS BAD BOY!

And then there are the instructions. First page. Eek. BODILY INJURY. I tool Torts class in Law School, I know why these precautions are written in black and white.

I think as long as I have HWMMS by my side the first time, I will feel safe. Or at least this way he can’t blame me if we blow up the house the first time we use it.

Someone, reassure me?

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