Jump Back to the Future!

This weekend Erin and I went to Cleveland to attend Jump Back Ball an annual event put on by Playhouse Square. As it should be, since the year is 2015, the theme was Jump Back to the Future, so of COURSE I had to attend!

I’m sad to report that I was very, very disappointed with the lack of spirit with the Cleveland attendees of this event. Out of 800 tickets sold I would guess that at the VERY most 200 people came in costume? And that might be stretching it because we were assuming some of the dresses were sort of 1950s. I was shocked. While the event is also black tie, it seemed like a no-brainer to find something from the 1950s, 1980s, the future or the Old West.

Me, Erin, Stephanie and Stacy were all dresses as 50s gals. And being a group of people all in theme, we were in the minority. It was odd for sure. I saw a handful of Doc Browns, Marty McFlys, Lorraine Baines, and Jennifer Parkers. Not one single Biff.  Only a few future people. It was so bizarre, almost like I was in some sort of time paradox…

Erin and I posing for a photo in front of the Flux Capacitor. :)

The Enchantment Under the Sea fish giving Erin a delicious, sweet martini…

All in all, I had a nice time with friends, but as a theme party gala type affair? Color this Back to the Future affictionato underwhelmed. We had a more spirited party at Red House in college when we had no money for props and costumes.

Thank goodness I didn’t go as Alternate 1985 Lorraine Baines McFly Tannen I can’t imagine what kind of attention I would have received!

Tis always good to see the Cleveland Contingent though…good friends. Good times.

Cleveland Pi’s hanging out at Hibachi…

Seed Starting 2015

THINK SPRING! GARDEN 2015 has been started!

So far in the balcony greenhouse I’ve started the following:

Milk Thistle

Greens (I plan on using these right from the greenhouse…)
Baby Choi Cabbage
Mesculn Salad Mix
Mustard, Red Giant

Tomato, Chocolate Cherry
Tomato, Pink Accordion

Using our many, many repurposed cat food tins for seeds? Brilliant idea by HWMMS!

Um, yeah…seeds and me. I might have a problem. And it seems I only have limited success with germination and transplanting, but still I can’t stop. I’ve ordered from maybe 6-7 places, so far these are the ones that arrived.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (I love the pretty packages!)

Johnny’s Select Seeds

…to be continued.

Gnome Mantle

I love these little gnomes we won at the Unique Productions(UP!) basket raffle from Dave’s Christmas Wonderland.

I had them up on the mantle for Christmas/Winter and Winter/Valentine’s Day and the thought of putting them away for the season made me sad, so I opted to make little green hats (with the help of HWMMS) for them instead. THIS way they can hang out another few months through St. Patrick’s Day and Spring!

Also, please note the lovely homemade green mason jar soy candles. Update: they seem to burn, like candles should. So far, so good.

Master Bedroom Prints

Weber Wedding Weekend was almost three years ago and I for some reason or another have not yet organized any of the photos (or even blogged!) the event. Weird right?

So I decided to do something about that and I ordered two Black & White with a purple tint large 20″ x 30″ prints. Snapfish had a 50% off coupon AND I got 10% cash back on Ebates (If you haven’t tried this site yet what on earth are you waiting for? FREE MONEY!)

The first print is of the Jenny and Chuck Wedding Zombies that Nicole from Mealy Monster Land lovingly created.

These two stood at the top of our Cherry Chip Cupcake Mountain of Zombies vs. Army Men.

No really, Zombies vs. Army Men. Our wedding invitation DID after all mention the zombie apocalypse.

And the second print captured one of my favorite moments I actually remember from the very short and sweet ceremony, the handfasting.

Both prints are going to hang over our bed, once we figure out what color to paint it that is.