Meatless Monday: Roasted Veggies

“I think we should start doing Meatless Mondays…” -HWMMS


Today I made roasted veggies (zucchini, beets, cabbage, sweet potatoes, corn, onions, peppers and greens) drizzled with truffle infused olive oil, rosemary and dill over basmati rice.


I roasted the veggies in the oven for 20 minutes covered with foil at 400 degrees. Removed foil, stirred veggies and cooked for 10 more minutes uncovered and then ended with about 10 minutes on the low broil setting.


Yum. When I reheat tomorrow I’m gonna add some Feta or Gorgonzola cheese.


Cassette Tape Pillow: Awesome Mix Vol. 1

I have a *mild* obsession lately with FUN PILLOWS to decorate the sectional couch in our entertainment room, hence purchasing this bad boy a few weeks ago: Cassette Tape Retro Pillow.

After watching the movie Guardians of the Galaxy (more than once in the theater) HWMMS (He Who Makes Me Smile) decided he needed to embellish said pillow.

cassette tape pillow

Could I love another more?

50 Questions: The Kindness of a Stranger


My friend MEESH (the pretty blonde in the picture above!) is  writing an article called “50 Questions.” Asking everyone from family to close friends to random strangers something she wonders about them and writing the article about the answers. 1 person 1 question a day. I was the friend who was selected for Day 2.

Please tell me about a day that someone else’s kindness inspired you.

What would your response be? Mine…read below.

About 10 years ago, right after I left my first job working with at-risk youth for five years I found myself in a sad state of affairs. My worldview was shattered (longer story there, but in general I was assaulted by two of the residents and then a few months later had to resign because I didn’t trust management and feared for my safety and sanity.) I was unemployed for the first time in my life and realized quickly that trying to get ANY job to support myself would take away my unemployment benefits therefore rendering me unable to pay my bills. I was soul-searching and career searching and trying to figure things out while selling anything I could find, most of my CDs and books etc. I also started blogging as an outlet.

I realized quickly that people were reading and became friendly with a gentleman in California who also was starting to blog who had just recently lost his wife to cancer. Out of nowhere, this gentleman one day emailed me and told me that he wanted to help me out. He knew I was a good soul and in a hard place and he had the means to help me right now and knew I wouldn’t be able to pay him back for a long, long time (if ever) but wasn’t worried about that. He told me he knew I would do good things in the world and someday be able to pay back his kindness tenfold to others. I was floored. And humbled. This man sent me a $3000 check no strings attached to help me get back on my feet. And while I have always been the person who would give $20 to someone for gas money even if it meant my checking account would be negative until payday, this man helped me remember that this is the kind of person I want to be in the world. I never EVER imagined being in a position financially to randomly help others, but have always given my time and support when I could.

The last few years I have found myself in a stable position with my Husband and we ARE able to help others out here and there….and it is the best feeling in the entire world. (Yes, I’m a dork and crying while typing that.) A little here and there goes along way. And the kindness of all who have financially helped me over the years (my God there are SO VERY MANY) has always been one of the greatest blessings I’ve been given. Being able to give back tenfold (with the help of my Husband’s mothers/fathers legacy) is pretty much the most inspiring life I can imagine living.

Aside: Thank you HWMMS for being the amazing generous soul who is the same exact way. Finding a kindred out there in this giant world who gets this part of me is truly a gift I thank God for everyday.

NOW YOUR TURN. Don’t be shy!

Please tell me about a day that someone else’s kindness inspired you.

Answer this question on your blog and let’s share stories of kindness!

Sauce. Simmering. Smells. Spectacular.

Sadly, the tomatoes are not my own. Currently in the large garden plot I have a RIDICULOUS amount of tomato plants that have reached arrested development. They aren’t growing or dying or wilting or flowering or turning red. Just sitting there.

Funny how a simple task like making a giant batch of homemade sauce and bring such contentment. Not to mention the kitchen smells SPECTACULAR.

My recipe is simple. Fresh Tomatoes. Fresh Basil. Fresh Oregano.  Fresh Chives. (Those did come from my herb garden which has FLOURISHED this year!) And a wee bit of Himalayan Sea Salt. Boil it down for 15 minutes then blend in the Ninja. Put back on stove and simmer slowly for another hour and a half (at least.)

Ah, September. I’ve been waiting for you for months…


I’m almost at the beginning of my 12th year of blogging and I’ve FINALLY managed to transfer my blog from to my own domain

I’ve owned my domain name for several years now, but I always just used the redirect from the free WordPress site. The last few weeks I’ve been playing with widgets and plugins and all cleaning up archives and fixing broken links and playing with SEO and smooshing photos. Phew! Who knew there was so much to do? (Ok, well, in fairness I knew…which might be why I never chose to switch over until now.)

So for those of you wondering where the blog posts have been…well, they are coming back soon I promise. I’ve been very behind on all the good things I’ve wanted to share over the last year (or two!) and I plan on capturing it all in this space soon…but right now I’m still working a bit longer behind the scenes.

Until then, feel free to follow me on any of those social sites you see listed on the top right corner. I’m still quite active on those pages!

Till September…


All Things Jennifer

Top 10 *Not Really Spoilery* Things I Loved About Guardians of the Galaxy

…in no particular order.


10. I love that He Who Makes Me Smile (HWMMS) had the audacity to ask me (after having outpatient eye surgery this morning) if I would want to see the movie Guardians of the Galaxy in 3-D. Um, no. My eye is blurry enough I tell you. NOT THAT IT WOULD MATTER because  *SORT OF SPOILER ALERT* this damn movie had me HOLDING BACK UGLY TEARS in the first five minutes. Hence, eyes blurry. Yeah, HWMMS took off his glasses and wiped his eyes too. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

9. Merle, I mean Michael Rooker…played EVIL BLUE SMURF MERLE in this movie! Same evil dude, more Blue Man Group paint!

8. This movie was outlandishly excellent. Reminded me of a funny Serenity/Firefly crossed with a little Avengers. And yes, I know Nathan Fillion can do no wrong, HOWEVER his cameo part was pretty lame.

7. If you are going to cast a gorgeous bald man in a movie for the love of GOD do not make him a tree! Also, *SORT OF SPOILER ALERT* this is probably the first and last movie where a Vin Diesel character will make me cry. (And for the record that is my 2nd and last mention of crying…but I did cry 3 times during the movie.)

6. I know the raccoon was played by Bradley Cooper, but in my mind it was Ben Stiller the whole time. You know how they made the animated Hulk in Avengers sort of look like Mark Ruffalo? (See where I’m going with this?)

5. Best Kevin Bacon reference ever in a film. In fact loved all the 80s goodness. Invoking John Stamos, also excellent.

4. I’m not really a fan of long drawn out bang bang chase and fight scenes, but the one in Knowhere was somewhat dazzling to watch. I enjoy futuristic nonsensical sets.

3. I sure hope this movie helps mix-tapes make a comeback.

2. SPOILER ALERT. STAR-LORD WITH HIS SHIRT OFF WILL MAKE YOU WOOZY (in the best possible way) why on earth, I mean, why on this galaxy did they not film the entire movie with Chris Pratt shirtless? SWOON.

1. Marvel really trained their fans well, not one person got up to leave during the credits at the end…and after the credits *SORT OF SPOILER ALERT* millions of fans are now downloading the movie Howard the Duck.




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