2014 Christmas Mantle

My favorite decorating spot in all of Weber Wonderland.

We won all these adorable gnomes at a basket raffle for Unique Productions a few months ago. I’ve been itchin’ to get these little sweeties displayed! (They are from Dave’s Christmas Wonderland)

Weber Cat Bingo!

Tis a rare occasion when I get all five Weber Felines in the same photo. When friends are over visiting we tell them if you see all five kitties you win Weber Cat Bingo! Usually Dani Cat (the fluffy brown one…) is the magical unicorn and hard one to spot.

Do you see them all? Annie, Mimi, Dani, Tubby and Sasha Kitten?

Giant Puppy Learns Manners and More!

Last Night was Jordan’s first week of puppy training. The Barking Lot of WNY came highly recommended to us from my brother and SIL and Jordan’s foster family so it was a no-brainer for us to choose them.

We are asked to bring a bag of YUMMY special treats to class with us so before hand we stopped at the store to pick up string cheese and hot dogs. I put HWMMS in charge of getting them while I attended to the baking aisle. At the register I saw that the hotdogs he bought (for puppy training) were Sahlen’s! GASP! He replied with “in our house it is Sahlen’s or nothing.”

We got Jordie to go to her “place” and sit and ay down quite nicely.  At least a few times. She did pretty good for a crazy Giant Puppy. A bit of barking and misbehaving but nothing unlike her other classmates.


And apparently an hour straight of having to listen to papa and mama wore her out because this was her as soon as we got home.

Over/Under on how successful Giant Puppy is going to be? I think she has potential but it’s her parent’s I’m worried about. ;) Consistency is key!

Smith Spreader?


Smith Spreader. He. He. As a SMITH I giggle whenever I see this…

Day #4 Ten Days of Kwanzaa (Or Whatever)

Day #4 already! Time is flying by!


Gotta click below the line to get the entire card, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t received it yet!


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Facebook is so frustrating. I don’t even use my “blog page” anymore, I know better about how frequently the social network shares your own content with your own followers without paying…but I do post the links directly on my personal page from WordPress.

If I write a status update it seems I get LOTS of my friends liking and commenting. If I write an update with a link to my blog posts? Um, very few. Is it me? It’s basically the same content, which leads me to believe that people aren’t seeing status updates with links in their timeline.


Hence my little experiment.

I’m posting two back to back updates. One asking people to “like” if they see the update…putting a link to this blog post in the comment section and the other one linking to this post directly in the update.  I have a sneaking suspicion I know the answer, but it would make me feel better to say F YOU FACEBOOK and try to figure out different ways to get eyes over here.

Thank you for your help!


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