I’m SO stinkin’ proud of my friend for starting this theater company. Come support her amazing vision by LIKING Inclusive Theater of WNY!

This lady wins the internet. God bless her soul.

TOO CUTE! Bunny Bags From Japan That Turn Your Household Stuff Into Rabbits

What Your Favorite Flower Says About You: Daffodils above all others. If I could have fields of only one flower it would be the yellow daffodil.

Yes. I agree. I feel this way about September. Is September the Most Productive Month of the Year?

So, we have a pretty good supply of sugar beets coming out of our garden this year, as we’re researching what to do with them we just found out Cointreau—is made from sugar beet alcohol. Um, yes please.

Must. Make. YUM. Canning Whole Tomatoes With Basil & Garlic

And I thought I have the best job(s) ever.’Hedgehog officer’ is now a real job title, and this woman has it

Ugh. ‘Like it’s been nuked’: Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes

I’m pretty sure The Bloggess is my spirit animal. HWMMS is lucky I’m not into taxidermy. #FuriouslyHappy

So important. Become an Organ Donor…

Judge Commands Lawyers to Quit Using Footnotes: But, but without Footnotes there would be no famous Footnote Four!

For everyone who needs to hear this right now. Yes—YOU. Been there, done this too many times. For the People Who Are Struggling Right Now.

There’s a skater on the Flour City Fear Derby Team named Hater Tot. #27. Could that BE more perfect?

Not a Morning Person? These 5 Tips Can Turn You Into One. Hahahaha. Ha. Morning person.

Brava! Actress Mary Kate O’Connell honored with star at Curtain Up!

#TheCurseIsReal Football Fan? if Your Team Loses You May Gain Weight

10 Creative Ways to Express Gratitude. I love this article. I do an excellent job at some. I’ve been getting much better with others. And one, I still need to work on… WORTH THE READ.

My birthday is the 42nd most popular. Hmmm. How Common is Your Birthday? This Infographic Will Show You

Do you like plants and people? Consider being a docent at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.

Interesting. This defines my professional life. Integration. Instead of Work-Life Balance, Try to Achieve Work-Life Integration

I grow these too. Spilanthes plant. Behold the bizarre and bold: ‘Buzz buttons’ of Black Iron Bystro

Want to live longer? Pick up a book,

Compost Squa-kin-ord?

What on earth are these? They came from a mutantly large growing vine in our compost pile that we thought was a pumpkin at first. We never grew such a thing so I don’t know where the seeds even came from? Oversized decorative gourds? Weird squash? Mystery… they have large pumpkin like seeds and flesh inside.


No matter what they are they have quickly become Harley’s favorite outside plaything.

Enough With The Lists

23 Hilarious Hipster Wedding Trends That Need To Stop Right Now

My friend shared this article and as I clicked through screens of images we did at Weber Wedding—and images of things many of my loved ones had at their weddings—I started getting very defensive. We loved our mason jars (and used every last one of them) and her matching red chuck’s and burlap and cupcake cakes (topped with zombies and army men.)

I think the only wedding trend that NEEDS TO STOP RIGHT NOW are articles that tell couples what they NEED TO STOP DOING RIGHT NOW. Be you. It’s a celebration of two people and what they like, not subject to judgment from snarky bitter internet articles.

Plus, seriously, how cool IS A DONUT WALL—I need to find a way to incorporate one of these into my life either personally or professionally. And if you don’t like it, your loss.