Planting Mushrooms and Bulbs

It’s been a beautiful week, weather much warmer than usual which meant it was the PERFECT time to plant.

Mushrooms and Bulbs

Bulbs, bulbs, more bulbs and…mushroom plugs?

I planted two beds of garlic, a bed of yellow onions and a bed of leeks.  (About 200 in each bed.) I’ve been growing the onions and leeks in the greenhouse the last few months, gonna try overwintering these bad boys for the first time this season along with a small bed of turnips, carrots, rutabaga, and celeriac that I planted about six weeks ago.

The rest are perennial bulbs. 500 more for the side perennial garden (about 15 different kinds of flowers all blues, purples, white and pinks.) And 500 yellow daffodils for me to sprinkle about the homestead in bunches. I did plant a few bunches of red tulips by the climbing roses near the porch too.


While I was out planting bulbs, HWMMS was in the back working on our future mushroom garden. MUSHROOMS? Yep! 100 brown oyster and 100 shiitake plugs bought from the online store Mushroom People after reading this article about cultivating mushrooms from logs.

Cause you know, HWMMS cut down a WHOLE LOTTA logs and trees earlier this summer when he rented out that backhoe for a few days.

View from the Back Deck


I say back deck as if there is actually a deck instead of a concrete slab with a patio table and a few plastic rainbow Adirondack chairs and a pretty calico kitty.  Ha.


Anyhow, this is the view from my back deck this morning. Beautiful Fall day in Western New York with the temperatures in the low 70s. Yes, 70s. And yep, it might snow at the end of the week.

Not sure why I decided to drink my coffee out back instead of on the front porch as usual, but in all thing cosmic timing—I forgot that Tuesday is the exact day that the generator out on that deck does it’s weekly VERY LOUD run-through check. Not so peaceful after all.

Aside: Also while on the deck this morning I could smell THIS simmering on the stove inside.


All about the stocks now that I have a pressure canner!

Last of the Garden 2014


Christmas Lima Beans


Broccoli. (So, delicious!)


A picnic basket full of greens and wee pumpkins.

Tis the last of the Fall Garden for 2014. I do have the front porch gardens filled with root veggies to overwinter though, including celeriac, turnips, rutabaga, carrots, kale, onions…we’ll see what I get in the next few months.