Medium Puppy


Medium Puppy gets around (quite quickly I might add and faster than Giant Puppy) by a run/hop combo because of his front leg birth defect. There is NOTHING IN THE WORLD CUTER than seeing that silly happy face hopping around with his little boxer ears flapping around at all times. I’m totally in love with this dog.

Next Road Trip!

Whirlwind week roadtrip almost planned (just in time since we are leaving next week…) Springville, NY to Lexington, KY to St. Louis, MO to Kansas City, KS to Omaha, NE to Des Moines/Cedar Rapids, IA to Milwaukee, WI to Chicago, IL to SpringvIlle, NY.

Adding a few midwest states and cities to the list of places we’ve been! Excited for the adventure.

Blur of Brindle

Me: (Yelling downstairs to HWMMS) Are the puppies down there with you?

HWMMS: (Mumblemumblecanthearhimatall…)

At that exact moment a barreling blur of brindle comes running in the house from the front porch. Guess they heard me say puppies.