Secret Hipster Husband Behavior

Some things cannot be unseen or unheard.

We just finished watching the movie Serenity. Shiny!

And then something strange happened…

The recent YouTube history of HWMMS flashed before my eyes on the large projector screen. And suddenly I’m watching a stand-up bit by Joe Rogan, which I know he watches.

But then, then…

I found out my husband is a secret crazy hipster.

Me: You listen to the Arctic Monkeys? How do you even know who they are?

HWMMS: I like this one song, listen…

Me: No, really how do you know this song, how do you know this music? I married a secret hipster?

HWMMS: I was listening to a mix, it came up and I looked it up.

He then goes on to show me a video by the group USS and  another by July Talk. Some things are better left in the solitude of his workshop in the basement. My husband is a freaking secret hipster.

HWMMS: What are you typing?

Me: Just blogging about marrying a secret hipster.

HWMMS: I gotta read that before you post it. (He says while Ministry plays in the background. Ministry makes sense. Mongolian Death Metal makes sense, the other? TERRIFYING.)

Me: I don’t like any of the music that makes me think you want to be 25 years old.


Coquilles St.-Jacques

Ina Garten’s Make-Ahead Coquilles St.-Jacques (scallops in a creamy sauce, under a crust of bread crumbs and cheese)

I rarely stick to the letter when making a recipe, even the first time around but for this one I did. (Oops, wee lie, I did add scallions with the shallots.)

I opted not to use individual pans and tossed it over a bed of rice.

I even went so far as to make my own homemade bread crumbs (as the recipe suggested) AND used homemade chicken stock.

It was perfection.

(With that said however, next time I will add more spice. Garlic, especially.)

UPDATE: Even better over a bed of baby spinach and cauliflower the next day. YUM!

Stuffed French Toast

I really had no plan to blog about this stuffed french toast until HWMMS came out of the bedroom from his nap (he hasn’t been feeling well) and had to get a piece of what smelled so good in the kitchen.

The cold medicine must have been working cause he said…

“Woman, take a photo of this beautiful sight right now! This is a beautiful sight, what kind of social media person are you?”


I think the best part was finding out there was a secret bottle of blueberry syrup stashed away somewhere in the pantry.

I didn’t even MEAN to make french toast, I mean we weren’t in the path of the latest snowstorm (MILK! BREAD! EGGS!) Instead I wanted to do something with the leftover egg whites in the refrigerator that I had after making homemade cinnamon ice cream. I saw the bread and the cottage cheese and blueberries and well, breakfast.


This morning I woke up like a normal person, for the first time in quite a while. The night before I was up all night and took a nap around 10am. After the nap, I had delicious “immunity soup” (chicken bone broth, lots of garlic and onions) and a green smoothie PACKED full of fruits and veggies and no coffee.. I haven’t been eating very well, so I’m certain this is a shock to my system  (along with the apple cider vinegar drink I’ve been forcing down.)

I woke up like a normal person, but with a yucky headache.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

I tend to get headaches overnight when I don’t use my Breathe Right Nasal Strips. Add no caffeine (I am a 2-3 cup of coffee per day gal.) AND while I’d like to say I’m doing better at releasing stress/sadness causing tension headaches, I fear that’s not true.

The reason why I got up like a normal person?

I had a date with an old friend from college (FRUTH!) for breakfast. I’m happy to say that this past month, I’ve been able to spend quality time with the “quarter” friends (see previous post.) In fact not one, not two not even three but FOUR Ladies in Red (Erin, Karen, Jenn and Linda!)

I’ve also spent quality time with other friends outside of a group setting. You know, meeting someone for dinner and conversation? Yeah, it’s been a very good month of authentically connecting with friends. This makes me very happy.

There was only one wee little problem with getting out the door this morning. Our driveway.

Our driveway has been LIGHT YEARS better since getting it fixed this Fall, however it still is a long, windy country driveway. And right now it has a lovely layer of thick ice underneath which made driving up impossible.

Yesterday, I got stuck before Bogert Curve and still thought I could back up the car and gun it to break free. OBVIOUSLY this was a poor life choice, so I ended up leaving the car in the middle of the driveway. HWMMS said he would deal with it tomorrow. (Today.) HWMMS hasn’t been feeling well since Saturday night and spending lots of time in bed, so I wasn’t going to disagree.

Besides, we always have the rattletrap truck I could use, right?

Wrong. Rattletrap truck has a flat tire. I guess it has a slow leak. No big deal, except for the part where it is currently flat and needs to be filled before I can drive it.

Rattletrap truck is  due for inspection at the end of the month and we were SHOCKED it made it  through last year, so we’re pretty sure we aren’t going to put more money into it…meaning no new tire. Oh and there’s that pesky little fact that we can’t get around the stuck car in the driveway in the first place.

For some reason, me and my headache wake up and still plan on getting the darn car unstuck and to breakfast without waking up HWMMS.

I do manage to get the car unstuck (from the original spot) but have a VERY hard time backing it down the driveway. It is a truth universally acknowledged that I cannot for the LIFE of me back up a car, even without a driveway of ice and snow so I really don’t know what I was thinking.

Now I’d LIKE to say that it looks much worse than it is in this photo, but I’m sure HWMMS might have a counter argument to that statement.

The car is now so stuck, I had to crawl out the passenger side door. I  now have to wake up HWMMS and not only ask him to fill the tire, but um, well…admit my latest TRAINWRECK JENNY moment.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THE CAR IS MOVED AND WE CAN DRIVE THE TRUCK AROUND IT! (At least for two more days while the truck is legally inspected.)

Always look on the positive side right?

Yep, I still have that headache.

Update: 6pm. HWMMS did a sweep of the driveway with the snowblower AND with a few good tugs from a very sturdy chain, the car is free.

I miss blogging.

I miss blogging. I miss the spewing of the randomness of the words on the screen.

I’ve fallen out of the habit of journaling.

I’ve fallen out of the habit of blogging.

And I do not like it one bit.

The last week or so I’ve been going through the All Things Jennifer archives cleaning things up. Mostly getting rid of old photos, broken links…and quite a bit of posts that are “Facebook Status” worthy. For the last 12 years, I’ve created over 8,800  posts, now I’m down by 1,000. And I’ve only just begun. I’m not getting rid of anything important (although I tend to go through delete/purge phases…) more like those hundreds of posts announcing something happening in WNY or something that I want to buy that’s on sale or a photo of something funny…etc.

I’m finding along the way lots and lots of those long rambling posts about my life, my day…long before the quick Facebook or Twitter status. And it’s been heartwarming/heartwrenching going back and reading those words. I like being able to keep in touch with people and share what’s going on, but it’s even more important for me to be able to go back for my own benefit.

Perhaps I will start the stream of consciousness blogging again.

I also miss reading blogs. New goal: log into my feedly account several times a week and find blogs to follow once again.

Basically I’m longing for the days of 2005.

Along with all this blog talk, I’ve been craving making my world SMALLER and QUIETER,

“As I get older I’m becoming more selective of who I consider a friend. I find that I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.”

A friend post this quote today and I thought, how true. Not that I don’t want 100 pennies, I’m just at a point in life where I’d rather share my time and energy with the quarters.

Is this what getting old is all about?

Perhaps. And if so, I welcome the change.

Bring on the blogging.

HGTV House Hunters International

“Where is this place? Cause we NEED to go.” -Me Watching House Hunters International

Wow. Provence, France. As if I didn’t already know I love just about everything about that area of the world, this episode confirmed it.  Fields of lavender, yes please!

Aside: The couple on this episode totally picked the wrong house. Why move to the countryside for a second home to get a modern new build instead of the old home with such charm?

And now? NOW!

A couple in D.C. is looking for a 2nd home, no, correction a 2nd CASTLE in Ireland, price range $900K. And now I’m sitting here thinking I WANNA LIVE IN A CASTLE. Perhaps I can spend a night at the French Castle at Old Fort Niagara one of these days.

Although truthfully, the guy just said that it’s crazy that for the price of a two -bedroom condo in Washington D.C. one can buy a CASTLE in IRELAND.

Hahaha. The show is actually called CASTLE HUNTERS. That makes more sense.

On that neverending to-do to-dream list: add woodburning stove and stone walls to basement bar/tavern area and research bed/breakfast castles in Ireland to visit someday.

(smaller. quiet please.)

I’ve found it essential this week to make my world as small and quiet as possible. As soon as I start to engage, I start feeling my blood pressure and tension rise. Physically, I can’t handle the stress, even if it’s not my own! Not sure what is going on with me, but…my goodness, I hope it subsides soon.

Warm it Forward


Satruday, February 7, 2015


We’ll be tying hats, scarves and mittens to trees around Buffalo. Anyone who is cold can take what they need to keep warm. We’ve targeted three areas around the city of Buffalo that we think will make good access points for the people who need this cold-weather clothing the most.

1. The corner of Broadway and Bailey Avenue, across from Rite Aid by the bus shelter.
2. Friends of Night People, 394 Hudson St.
3. The small park at Washington St. and North Division, diagonally across from the bus station.

The designated trees or utility poles will be marked with a sign. Feel free to tie items directly around the trees, which is a fun way to spread awareness and draw users’ attention to what is available. We will also be winding twine around some trees and making clothespins available. That way, you can put items into plastic or Ziploc bags to keep them from getting wet. Please also feel free to include a positive, handwritten message. Items can be used or new.

If you can’t make it to a tie-up location, we have a few drop-off options:
* Spot Coffee, 765 Elmwood Ave., from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday Feb. 4.
* Barnes & Noble, 1565 Niagara Falls Blvd. in Amherst from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday Feb. 5.
* Project 308 Gallery, 308 Oliver St. in North Tonawanda, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday Jan 31.

Please share our event page and tell all your friends! This is a great way for parents with small kids to get involved in a quick, easy way with no long-term commitment and to show how big of an impact we can make with the tiniest acts of kindness

Jordan’s DNA Test Results

When we adopted Jordan (Giant Puppy) the best guess from the rescue said was she was a Plott Hound/Great Dane mix.

Today, we found out the results from her Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit


Well, darn close right?

Bluetick Coonhound (50%) Great Pyrenees (25%)


and Mixed Breed: Most likely to be Irish Red and White Setter/Plott Hound (25%)

Jordan is MOST CERTAINLY mostly hound dog, good grief I’ve never experienced a more “dog” like dog in my life. Hunt, dig, run, bark, howl, chase. Her instinct to hide her favorite toys and treats and bury them in the yard/snow/couch. Love her so but my oh my she is an active outdoor-type pup.  And she certainly has some kind of a “great” dog in her bloodline, cause she’s WAY bigger than a normal hound. The test says she should end up weighing between 60-92 pounds. Hmmmmm. I’d dare say she’s darn close to 92 if not more already at almost 11 months old.

Basically, we have a WHOLE LOTTA COONHOUND on our hands. And personally, I think there’s no way there’s not Plott in her bloodline, the brindle color has to come from somewhere!

Now time to read up on this new breed the Great Pyrenees…

Update: Yes. Yes. And Yes.

“The Great Pyrenees protects its flock by barking, and being nocturnal, tends to bark at night unless trained against such behavior. hey particularly enjoy cold weather and snow.. Like similar breeds, some Great Pyrenees tend to drool, especially with exercise.”

Garage Attic Space

Weber Wonderland is approximately 27 times larger than our previous home in Ransomville. Give or take. Basically, no lack of storage whatsoever…so it never occurred to us that there was another attic space above the attached two-car garage until maybe a year into living here.

The only thing is…the entrance to this amazing, open space is awkwardly places above the stairs leading to the main floor. I have visions of not only falling through the scary, thin ladder but also falling down the wee flight of stairs and smashing my head on the concrete garage floor as well.

Do you know how terrifying it is for me to watch (and take pictures for my blog) of HWMMS moving these old carpets up there? Do you also know how frustrating it is that everything we don’t need/want should be getting rid of is somehow ending up into this large gorgeous storage space never to be seen (by me) again? Our someday maybe children are going to hate us when we die….

Did Dad really save the carpets from Great-Grandma’s Condo?

Yes. Yes he did.

Pleasing herself and others since 1973.