Coincidences? Nope…

One of the things I love to do but really have stayed away from over the last few years is listening to NPR in the background while working.

This afternoon, I turned on WBFO. It’s been months? News in the background. Marketplace in the background. Fresh Air. (Ugh—I’m not a fan of Fresh Air time to turn off!)

EXCEPT this is the report today.

Bad Luck Or Bad Genes? Dealing With BRCA And ‘A Cancer In The Family’

Which is such a coincidence because I posted this on Facebook last week.

In my 42 years of life, my dad died of cancer. His sister died from cancer. My mom has/d uterine, ovarian and kidney cancer. Her brother died from cancer. Her sister-in-law had breast cancer. Her other brother found out today he has cancer. Terrifying. Products of our environment and unhealthy living? Luck? Genetics? Either or, all of the above, just…fuck.

I know people who had testing done. My cousin did in fact. IF I HAD HEALTH INSURANCE I’m still not sure I would want to know. It’s not just, not only, not always genetics. Or environment. Or dumb horrible luck. It’s a combination of so many of these things and more. So much more.

That said  THIS IS very personal, intimate decision. No one has the right to tell you that you should or shouldn’t do testing. Or that you should have done this or shouldn’t have done that because you have cancer. Frustrating.




Klingon Blood Wine

Me: What was the name of that drink you created again?

HWMMS: Klingon Blood Wine

Me: But why wine? There’s no wine in it…

HWMMS:There’s no blood in it either.