Cross Meat Raffle off The Bucket List!

I went to my very first meat raffle last night for the Queen City Roller Girls.


What a grand fundraising idea!

Picture it…a hall full of people and 16 raffle rounds of bacon, chicken, ribs, pork loin, sausage, pepperoni, steak,,,um, yeah.

Each little ticket costs $1 and is good for two meats and random other sponsor prizes including a loaf of Al Cohen’s Rye Bread, pens, flashlights, water bottles, bottles of wine and…a GEICO CAVEMAN MASK!

Um.  We started out too excited. TICKETS FOR BACON YES PLEASE!

Eventually, after maybe round 8…

Somewhere around round 12 He Who Makes Me Smile won a GEICO crankup flashlight and keychain. YES! Victory was ours!

But other people won meat.

No meat for us. (Wah, wah.) And no 50/50 for us either.

I guess it was for a good cause though right? Oh…wait!

8 tickets to the double-header roller derby playoffs next week. (value $120) Not too bad, eh?

It gets better as we were walking out the door our number was called and up to the sponsor table we went where we could have picked out a tee-shirt, a bottle of wine or…A GEICO CAVEMAN MASK!

HECK YES! I turned down a bottle of wine for a GEICO CAVEMAN MASK. And can someone please tell me why BOTH of us made those ridiculous hand moves when pretending to be a caveman?

What a great, great fundraiser.

Put it on your bucket list—meat raffle. Trust me.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?