Compagnie LeBoeuf


This is my reenacting family. If anyone would have told me I would one day have a reenacting family I would have laughed. Funny how the world works I LOVE this group photo of Compagnie LeBoeuf! (Many of us, but not all of us…) taken at Old Fort Niagara French & Indian Encampment. Compagnie Leboeuf […]

July 6, 2017

“Don’t Call Me Lawrence”


Gettysburg. Currently hiding in the MUCH COOLER basement watching the movie Gettysburg with HWMMS after taking a quick dip in the pool. Note, this was upon my request. Jeff Daniels as Chamberlain has to be one of my favorite movie performances of all time. And the soundtrack, oh, the soundtrack alone can move me to […]

July 6, 2017