Hurricane Harvey

Give a Little Bit

Give a Little Bit: Hurricane Harvey “Charity Navigator, an organization that evaluates and ranks charities, recommends donating to the Houston Food Bank, Food Bank of Corpus Christi, Houston Humane Society, Houston SPCA, or the San Antonio Humane Society for the greatest impact.” You Can Support Harvey Victims With Amazon, But Cash Goes Farther Is it […]

September 1, 2017

One Productive Hour

HWMMS, Personal

Man, I just had One Productive Hour. AND I WILL DENY THIS TO MY DYING DAY so if anyone dares mentions what you read in this post below to me when grumpy one morning, my notyetcaffeinated, still half-asleep self reserves the right to not-mean-to bite your head off. (Yes I realize this statement applies to […]

September 1, 2017

Springville’s Historical Campus

Western New York, Writing

A repost of my latest article in the Springville Times: The Summer Bucket List: Springville’s Historical Campus By Jennifer Weber One of the many, wonderful first impressions of Springville that my husband and I had when moving to this area several years ago was the opportunity for nerds like ourselves to get lost in and explore […]

September 1, 2017