Weber Wonderland, Western New York

Snow! Winter is Coming. I’m gonna be 44 years old and I still can’t contain myself from childlike joy when I see the first giant flakes of snow falling from the skies. If loving snow is wrong, I’m wrong. Also, I love you HWMMS. I love you for making sure our driveway is clear to […]

October 31, 2017

Cheers to the Beers! ​

Food & Drink, Western New York, Writing

A report of my article in the Springville Times: Cheers to the Beers! Cheers to the Beers! Thomas Jefferson once said, “Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.” We agree (in moderation of course.) All across Western New York you can find local breweries serving unique craft beers […]

October 26, 2017


Music, Personal, Writing

(Gut punch.) I was messaging with a friend from college this evening and she mentioned the passion her son has for soccer—and how it rivaled her passion for physics. Passion. Hmmm. It got me thinking a little while later on the drive home. Passion. Geez? What on earth would I consider my passion? Blogging? Writing? […]

October 25, 2017

Spirit of the Storm Radio Show

Friends, Mind and Spirit

Spirit of the Storm Radio Show premiers tomorrow night on Blog Talk Radio. A Paranormal Supernatural Psychedelic Good Time! It’s finally here! Time for my dearest friend Rev. Mario’s inaugural radio show! Tune in for live psychic readings and lively, engaging discussions on what’s on your mind in the world of the strange and unusual! […]

October 24, 2017

Discovering Your Stream

Books, Friends

Discovering Your Stream…that moment when your mentor, older sister, kindred soul friend writes and publishes a book about her spiritual journey that you had a front row seat watching develop. Enter: Discovering Your Stream: Opening the Door to Your Spirituality As You Become A Practicing Medium. SO PROUD OF YOU COLLEEN! And let me just […]

October 23, 2017


Randomments, Social Media

Twitterments. Because not everyone is on Twitter. Note to self. You are happy when you put words on the page. Put more words on more pages. Make more words. Make more happy. #amwriting Why are all my favorite childhood songs in commercials? #old My Husband prepares food & STANDS AT THE BUTCHER BLOCK in the […]

October 22, 2017

October Spirit at WNY Distilleries

Food & Drink, Western New York, Writing

A repost of my article in the Springville Times: Fall Bucket List: October Spirit at Local Distilleries With the end of October and Halloween around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about staying warm over those long, chilly Western New York nights. Picture that sip of whiskey in front of the fireplace, just waiting […]

October 19, 2017

SGCEF Wine Tasting & Silent Auction

Give a Little Bit, Western New York, Writing

SGCEF Wine Tasting & Silent Auction. It’s that time of year again! 🙂 Proud to be a board member of this wonderful foundation in our community. Springville-Griffith Community Education Foundation: Annual Wine Tasting & Silent Auction – Saturday, November 4th The Springville-Griffith Community Education Foundation Annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction will take place on […]

October 18, 2017

Work From Home

Home Sweet Home, Personal, Pets, Real Estate, Writing

Work From Home Tuesday DOES NOT SUCK. It’s a work from home in front of the fireplace (which is ON because it is finally COLD outside in WNY!) with a giant mug of coffee  and a Harley dog that wants to settle down but is still looking up at me asking for love kind of […]

October 17, 2017

Husband Who Does Interpretive Dance Moves With Ham Hocks (to the sounds of DeBarge)


Title: Husband Who Does Interpretive Dance Moves With Ham Hocks (to the sounds of DeBarge) #saturdaynight #marriage #HWMMS #WeberWonderland #dancemoves #dogs #dogsofinstagram #husband #husbandsofinstagram A post shared by Jennifer L. S. Weber (@allthingsjlsw) on Oct 14, 2017 at 6:32pm PDT

October 14, 2017

Friday the 13th Bucket List: Spooky, Haunted Attractions and Ghost Walks

Western New York, Writing

A reprint of my article in the Springville Times. Friday the 13th Bucket List: Spooky Attractions and Ghost Walks October is a month full of warmth and hearth. Cozy wool sweaters come out of the closet. Crockpots start making decadent stews. Houses are decorated with rich tones of red, yellow and orange mums and leaves and […]

October 13, 2017


Randomments, Social Media

Twitterments. Because not everyone is on Twitter. I find myself saying “it’s only x’o’clock” all the time lately. As in, it’s only 8:39pm o’clock? Really? Today is a finding it hard kind of day to do the daily day things that seem to not matter at all because OUR WORLD IS CRUMBLING IN CHAOS. Am […]

October 12, 2017


Home Sweet Home, Homesteading, Weber Wonderland

Home. For all those days I complain about rural internet, I need to look at this photo.

October 9, 2017

Peas, please!

Food & Drink, Garden

Peas, please! Sorry, not sorry I ended up shelling and eating the entire bowl of peas I picked from our fall garden this afternoon, straight from the pod. So sweet and crunchy. Such a delicious treat! Especially considering what a giant failure most of our garden has been this year. (Sad trombone.) Now that I […]

October 9, 2017

Mascot Heads


Life is short. Always, always take the ridiculous photo in the middle of the store wearing mascot heads. Aside. Mascot heads are freaking hot. How do people do it?

October 7, 2017

Pumpkin Picking Time!

Western New York, Writing

Pumpkin Picking Time! A repost of my latest article in the Springville Times. It’s Pumpkin season in Western New York! All around town you can find pumpkins at just about every roadside stand and grocery store, yet there’s something to be said about the pure joy that comes from picking out your very own pumpkin […]

October 3, 2017


Social Media, Sports

Wowza. I’m a BILLIEVER! Not only did the BILLS WIN this weekend but the PATRIOTS LOST AND THIS IS WHAT THE AFC EAST LOOKS LIKE AT THE MOMENT. (AND HELL YES I’M SHOUTING! THE BILLS MAKE ME WANNA SHOUT!) My new screen background. Feels so good! #BillsMafia — Jennifer L.S. Weber (@AllThingsJen) October 1, […]

October 1, 2017

Pumpkin Spice

Food & Drink, Pets

Really? Pumpkin Spice…Greenies? Methinks the pumpkin spice craze has gone a little wacko. And I’m a pumpkin spice lover and advocate. Bring it on! All Things Pumpkin and Fall! Hurrah! AND I know that pumpkin, as in the fruit, wait, a veggie? that you grow in the ground—is actually very healthy and good for dogs. […]

October 1, 2017