27 Online?

No really 27 online users RIGHT NOW at 2:10 am on, on…ugh. Sunday September 5th.

***Ugh. Today is September 5th? Dad are you fucking with me???***

Cosmic timing? I was just reading through Writer’s Digest…jotted a few story ideas down, again. One of them has to do with the mystical 27 number. A theme really. One I got kinda excited about and wrote an outline for.

And then I check my blog and see, Lo! 27 users online!
Something HAS to be wrong!!!

Although I did just reload and it said 26 users online. WHAT IS HAPPENING?
32? Really? I think the most I ever saw at once was 7 and THAT was impressive!

If you are reading RIGHT NOW…please comment!

OH MY GOD something is crazy! My stats for today are already at 212 users? Huh?
In the last two hours? HOW?

Oh wait, not so crazy…everyone is after the JENNIFER HAWKINS scoop! Duh!
#7 on the Yahoo search page!

UPDATE: 8:30 am and 910 visitors!!!

UPDATE: 10:00 am, 1249 visitors and currently 40 people on my site!

This is insane…I mean I linked a damn article that anyone can find? HOW does MY SITE get the hits? Not to mention the fact that this event occurred, oh on September 2nd. I find the laspe in time for stories to travel interesting. Ever since I started reading blogs online, I catch storied DAYS before they hit the print media. So LAST night everyone wanted a piece of the thong I guess.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?