27 Things Found on My Social Media Feeds That Irrationally Bother Me

Randomments, Social Media / Thursday, March 21st, 2013

27 Things Found on My Social Media Feeds That Irrationally Bother Me

1. YOLO. Please make this end.

2. Epic. I thought this already ended along with Fail?

3. Right now, All Things (March Madness). (March Madness) can be substituted with any random topic I personally don’t give a rats behind about but the rest of the world does such as: Harry Potter, Baseball, Crossfit/Paleo Diets, Best Hipster Band Ever…etc…etc…yet this is the point of social media right? I mean I’m certain people who follow me could care less about our crappy Buffalo Sports Teams or The Walking Dead or Roller Derby (Gasp!) but, there it is. (Edited to make more sense due to my friend Kelly’s FB comment.)

4. When people ask for a RT from a celebrity on Twitter.

5. When celebrities RT someone who asks for a RT.

6. The term bucket list, even though I use it myself out of convenience at times.

7. All those fancy emoji icons that turn up looking like nothing but gobblygook on my feed.

8. Klout. I hate you. My score goes up, my score goes down. Delete.

9. Foursquare. You became quite an addiction, I have since deleted you from my phone. For now.

10. Notifications that show up on my Facebook sidebar for games when I don’t even use games!

11. People who complain about being spoiled over a TV show because someone else posted about it. Don’t check your feed if you don’t want live commentary. Simple, eh?

12. The amazing ability of my Twitter following to waiver up or down by 10 people in a day. How?

13. Pretty much anything sponsored…I like to mark it as spam, not that it matters. $$$.

14. Accounts I follow on Twitter who don’t follow me back. For example, my Alma mater. Bad alumni relations building there, especially when I constantly RT and mention them!

15. All Things Trending on Twitter. #ImSoUsedToHearing #FakeTMBeLike HOW? How do these things trend? Why isn’t there a better algorithm to make this not happen?

16. Egg Avatars. Really? Why are you even on Twitter?

17. Nonsensical, meaningless birthday and anniversary celebrations just to get people talking…such as Twitter turns 7! (Since when is 7 a milestone?)

18. All Facebook Default Settings which basically are awful and exactly what I don’t want.

19. Facebook Pages. Although I have 750 likes, only 50-100 people see my posts at any given time.

20. All Things Google + (and yes, I realize that by stating this my blog will probably be hidden away in the search engine results for all of time, but…)

21. Pinterest links that include waaaaaaay too much text. I don’t want the entire recipe or instructions in the text, I want a pretty picture and an active link please and thank you.

22. Any link that leads to a VIDEO instead of a WRITTEN STORY.

23.  Who am I kidding. Looking back at #10 ALL notifications on the Facebook sidebar drive me crazy. I HAVE to get rid of those little numbers in the bubbles, can’t stand them!

24. Anyone who sends me a DM when I add them to Twitter thanking me for adding them, I delete.

25. Pinterest pictures that are so long they scroll down several pages.

26. Misspellings in my own status updates, especially after someone likes or comments. I still delete. Can’t stand typos.

27. People who post those anything that is obviously SNOPES worthy. If this is you, you are likely hidden from my news feed. Or deleted.

What would YOU add?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?