Movies / Monday, March 12th, 2007

My thoughts upon seeing the movie 300, with the rest of America, this weekend.

“Madness? This is Sparta!”

1. I didn’t hate it. I think I liked it but (see end of this post.)

2. I liked the historical aspect of the story, there were quite a few great lines about democracy and freedom. And I thought the film itself was very visually appealing, when blood wasn’t involved. As someone in our group said it was like looking at art.

3. MUCH to my surprise, seeing half naked cocky, confident, strong warriors (with almost painted on but NOT, perfect six-packs) made a Jennifer quite, quite “happy. ”

4. The Spartan Queen was STUNNING and STRONG. Oh my, I would see this movie again just for the scene where she, um, does something very bad to a very bad (but hot) man.

5. Violent, violent, violent. But twas not the violence that had me squirming, it is the thought that at any time, one of those swords could go through an EYE instead of head, heart, arm, leg…and trust me, an eye was lost and THANKFULLY my eyes were closed, even though I knew. And knowing took me long enough to recover from. I think all movies like this need an *EYE* warning, a little eye flashing on the corner of the screen a minute before I have to look away. I could handle the decapitations (there were many) but not the mere scratches that included losing an eye.

6. Xerxes looked too much like Julia Roberts in drag. I couldn’t get past this thought…

7. I am soooooo 30 something. I had a huge crush on the Captain, on the right. Even though the Captain’s son, on the left, was the studly 20 year old.

8. I didn’t cry. And I cry at EVERYTHING. I thought this was odd, and this is why I say that I “didn’t hate it” instead of “I liked it.” I think I should have cried.

Following the movie, we went over to Don and Camille’s where much wine was consumed (and chocolate covered strawberries!) and as the night went on, the role of Leonidus lived on.

What did YOU think?

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