3. Three of my real estate domain names auto-renewed this month. I didn’t want them. I thought I removed the account, but I didn’t. I tried this weekend to talk to someone at the hosting site about it, they couldn’t refund me but they would cancel them if I wanted. Um, no. Why would I cancel without getting money back? So all three of the random domains I don’t use point to a page on All Things Jennifer for my real estate. Just now, it occurred to me that this is a “sign” to keep going…

2. I saw two dragonflies outside today while working. Each time my mind was wandering somewhere about being content and blessed with the ability to be outside doing yard and garden work at an incredible homestead with a loving husband at my side. Each time I said hello to the dragonfly, spirit of family….who reminded me at that moment I’m ok and right where I am supposed to be.

1 HA this is a random synchronicity and not sure why it happened. But this afternoon while Jordan had her head outside the car window in the rain I mentioned the story about Mitt Romney putting his dog on top of his car in a kennel when he was taking a vacation. It was all over the news when he was running for President back in the day and DC John was all over that story. HWMMS had never heard it before so I looked it up and sent him the link. I was just over on Twitter quickly scrolling through my “short list” of important people I love and saw that Karol retweeted this.

As in no really, I was going to post a really quite random tweet about Mitt Romney’s dog and instead I scrolled down my list and saw that pop up.


My brain trying to over process this instantly went to DC John….that’s the only reason I can think of. I saw mention of the White House Correspondence dinner and thought of him and then thought of him again when I wrote this post about my sister wife and being friends with ex—es. I actually went and friend requested Howie after that. And thought about DC John. He is the only ex I am not in touch with or have any idea what he is doing right now. Strange, he is on my mind a lot this week….and this is something I never would have even realized had it not been for making sure I note these things and write them down. Hmmmm. I wonder if he is ok.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?