Get Serious about Getting Married: 365 Proven Ways to Find Love in Less than a Year

Books, Dating / Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

The 4th book completed…in the series Jennifer Reads Em (And Makes Fun Of Them) So You Don’t Have To!

Get Serious About Getting Married: 365 Proven Ways to Find Love in Less Than a Year

Yep. I read this one! Starting to scare ya all aren’t I? Tee hee!

This book represents many years of learning what works and what doesn’t for women who are seeking a man to call *my husband* The basic idea is that once you’re ready to get out there and find your match, it doesn’t take very long at all to figure out if someone is right for you or not.

See, that makes SENSE. Right?

In order to find a man whom you want to marry and who wants to marry you, you have to be your best self. The single biggest mistake women who want a committed relationship make is to look for someone without knowing what they themselves want from a man and from marriage.

And she has a list of 27 things to help you get your priorities straight!
(Wow, the list gets long…)

After seeing the list I should have known the entire book would be CHOCK FULL of information and loooooong winded. The annoying parts really stick out. Some of it I think is for women who live in L.A. The rest is just well, overload! Let me begin. You’ll see.

Here it is the unvarnished truth: Men are attracted to pretty women. It doesn’t matter where you live- men want to meet, date, and marry women they find attractive.


Top Three Qualities That Men Look For In A Woman:
1. Great Looks 2. Thin Body 3. Younger than they are (but not necessarily young)

Again, shocker!

You have to devote serious resources to your fashion and beauty redo.  That means you have to make a financial commitment to make yourself as beautiful as possible- and it’s worth the price.

Serious resources? Financial commitment? She attaches a Beauty Budget Worksheet for people to use:

Big-Ticket Services: Image consultant, Professional teeth whitening, Plastic surgery

Do we even have image consultants in Buffalo? Did she just list PLASTIC SURGERY?


GET RID OF IT! These wardrobe wreckers can also wreck your chances of impressing Mr. Right. Neon/Black Lipsticks/Nail Polishes, Novelty Socks, Hair Bands/Elastics, Fuzzy Sweaters, Heavy, Black Rimmed Glasses, Peg Legged Pants, Baggy Sweats, White Tights, Thick Black Fishnets, Oversized T Shirts with sayings on them.

Um, I understand wanting to help women look their best and follow a little bit more of an updated look, HOWEVER, I would emphasizes in my own dating book (which would never sell) that if any one of these things is an essential part of WHO YOU ARE- do NOT change it! If you enjoy black nailpolish you are going to want someone who likes you for wearing black nailpolish. OBVIOUSLY people aren’t wearing pegged pants. BUT IF YOU ENJOY YOUR BAGGY SWEATS, wear your damn baggy sweats. And I personally ADORE NOVELTY SOCKS. (I have countless pairs of penguin socks…AND I LOVE MY BLACK CHUNKY GLASSES! I can’t believe this was on the list! REALLY?)

To meet the challenge of finding and marrying a man in one year (or less!) you’ll need to not only have your priorities straight and your appearance in order, but you also have to be in the best shape of your life inside and out. LOSE IT Getting off those extra pounds should be resolution number one for you if you are overweight.

THANK GOD MY PRIORITIES ARE NOW CLEAR! I MUST LOSE WEIGHT to…FIRST AND FOREMOST be more attractive to men. Not sure if she even mentioned HEALTHIER! Geez.”




Five Questions Women Ask Me The Most Before I Send Them On Date One:
1. Is he smart?
2. Is he funny?
3. How many kids does he have?
4. How long was he married?
5. He’s a really nice guy…not, crazy, right?

Five Questions Men Ask Me The Most Before I Send Them On Date One:
1. What does she look like?
2. How old is she?
3. Is she thin?
4. Tell me again what she looks like?
5. What’s her hair like?

Until you get to stage two in dating, intimacy and commitment, don’t cut off all social contact with other men. A commitment happens when you both agree to it, and if it has not been made or agreed upon by both of you, then you should keep dating. If there’s no ring on your finger, you’re not committed.

Wow. No ring? No commitment? To me you need the commitment…or there can be no ring. But I am crazy

If you are suited for each other and he’s marriage minded, it should not be difficult or even take very long to set and meet a marriage date. When it’s right, it’s fast. Both of you just know.

End of LONG book.




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