DATEWORTHY: Get the relationship YOU want

Books, Dating / Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

Jennifer Reads Em (And Makes Fun Of Them) So You Don’t Have To!

Book #6: DATEWORTHY: Get the relationship YOU want

The first step? Figure out what your dating style is…recognize and reject some of the bad dating behaviors you’ve picked up over the years. Here are the top ten most-bound-to-be-broken-up-with-behavior types.

  • Diffusing the time bomb

From now on, the words “where is this going” do not leave your mouth until you have dated for at least six months.

  • Shaking the shadow

The more you become a clone instead of a complement to his personality, the quicker he’ll become bored and seek out a girl that reminds him of…your former self.

  • Dethroning the drama queen

Your man should be the one person you can count on to make you feel good at the end of the day.

  • Downsizing the diva

Every time you make an unreasonable demand, stop and ask yourself, “would I do that for him?” and “would I let him treat me like that?”

  • Refocusing the first sighter

As for the stories from couples who say they *just knew* he or she was *the one* from the moment they met, I respond, “That’s just what Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie said!”

  • Rescuing the rescue

Be honest. Behind all that sweetness and caring is a woman who wants to be worshiped and appreciated for all her sacrifice. Unfortunately, you are dealing with men, not stray animals.

  • Making the other half whole

If you are truly interested in having a real relationship, then you must spend some quality time building up a relationship with yourself.

  • Purging the people pleaser

Do not introduce any guy to your family or friends until you are sure he means enough to you that you’ll stand up for the both of you.

  • Closing out the money honey

For those of you who are tired of the bling flings, I encourage you to have a different view of what success is.

  • Conquering the green monster

It’s time for you to drop out of the dating pool and allow your trusted friends and family members to help you put the past behind you.

Relationship: If you start talking about future plans and your man changes the subject, he’s sending a message you would pay attention to- even if you don’t want to.

Look for someone who enhances your life, not gives life to it. The sign of a really good relationship is that comfortable, you are my family kind of feeling.

Thinking about kicking your dating relationship up a notch? Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do we share the same relationship goals?
    If he says he does not want the same things you do…believe him.
  • Are we both in a similar place in our lives?
    When you meet the right person at the wrong time, you may be tempted to make the wrong choice for what you think is the right reason: love.
  • Is this true commitment or convenient monogamy?
    Never settle just that you can settle down. True romance comes only out of true commitment.
  • Does the idea of bringing up exclusivity terrify me?
    If the reasons seem to make sense reexamine the relationship and see whether what’s needed is more casual dating time, or to just keep it casual and keep dating.

And that my friends, sums up just about everything from the Date Worthy book. Not too shabby in fact. I might actually recommend this one, for real, to a friend in need!

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