I have an irrational fear of eyeballs. Not so irrational, I had cataract surgery on both of my eyes. Of course I already had the fear before the surgeries so you can only imagine what it has turned into since. I have written on this topic before, makes for interesting short stories. I know I had a few from college, somewhere. Anyone have good Jen eyeball stories to share? I should create a collection of short stories on this topic. My pain really is quite amusing and entertaining to others. However that is not why I write today.

Today. The screaming Jen eyeball factor has been running rampant.

FIRST- the news story about the hockey player. (No I cannot even read this story…I will scream and wince)

SECOND- the human interest story on the afternoon news about skin cancer—that discussed eyeballs. Images included.

I’m not kidding, I cannot read the story. I will be curled up squinting in a ball of pain and stress just thinking about it and this is most definitely accompanied by shrill irrational loud shrieking noises that eventually subside into whimpers.

THIRD-Big Fish. I was in the mood to cry today, and this movie helped. I forgot about the gross witchy eyeball. I remembered as soon as I popped in the DVD I saw that one of the menu selection icon was, the eye. Safely tucked under my covers with my kitties at my feet, I still managed to muster up enough energy to hold my hand up to the TV screen to block the image.

AND FOURTH—yes people, there is a 4th and that is why I felt I had to blog about this…4th? I picked up the local news and saw this innocent photo read the first paragraph of the story. I screamed and dropped the paper, it said “disabled prison guard” HOW WAS I TO KNOW?

Arugh! Bad, bad EYE day.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?