9 Concerts and a Lie

Music / Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Ok, I’ll bite. 9 Concerts and a Lie eh? Sometimes these silly things come along on Facebook and they make me want to play. So I did. ?

I had to put them in alphabetical order, because I’m odd like that.

This little exercise made me wish I actually kept track of all the concerts I’ve attended. I couldn’t even imagine to come up with the list if I tried, heck I can’t even remember for sure some of the details of the ones I remember—who went with me? Where? Getting old, getting old.

10 bands/musical artists I’ve seen perform live. One is a lie. Which one?

1. Duran Duran
2. Elton John
3. Johnny Mathis
4. Lynyrd Skynyrd
5. Madonna
6. Milli Vanilli
7. Ministry
8. Reba McEntire
9. Rod Stewart
10. TLC

The answer is #1. Although I lovedlovedloved all things Duran Duran growing up. (Hello, I was Mrs. LeBon in my dream world. They have been around to Toronto in the last decade and for some reason I never bought tickets. I still really want to see them live though, with Linda Lu. I imagine they are still young enough for a few more reunion tours yet, right?

2. I saw him with Billy Joel. College years. (Pittsburgh I think?)

3. Johnny Mathis. Opening Night POPS at the Buffalo Philharmonic . His marketing material made wonderful Christmas decorations in the office that year.

4. I JUST moved to Raleigh, North Carolina after college because my friend Carrie and I pointed to a map and there it was….(no joke) And we wanted to do something to celebrate her birthday and she thought this concert would be fun.THANK YE GODS our friend Howie had a car with NC plates that belonged to his parents because I never felt so intimated by the Confederate flag in my life. Raleigh proper sure ain’t the same as where this concert was. Suddenly I was a YANKEE and kept my mouth shut.

5. Bucket list concert and present for Lizzy’s 30th. MADGE! In Toronto.

6. My first big concert. Auntie Carroll took me and MelBro to the Aud to see (but as we all know not hear) Milli Vanilli perform live. I *LOVE* that this is my first concert story.

7. Ministry, thank you HWMMS. I actually don’t dislike the music. Uncle Al is pretty entertaining live. (Another Toronto)

8. Reba. I took my little sister Vanessa to Darien Lake to see this concert. It was her first concert. I saw quite a few country concerts back in the day, Erin helped me with that. 🙂

9. Not only did I see Rod in concert (for free, the UWBEC had tickets from I believe HSBC at the time and gave them to employees...) but I got the set list too.

10. TLC. Pittsburgh. Also, Shaggy. My summer college internship I worked with a group of teens in a leadership program, this was their field trip.

Now I want to try to come up with a list of all the concerts I’ve attended, just to see if I can get even close. I know when HWMMS and I visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame I counted how many inductees I’ve seen in concert. Maybe that’s a good place to start?



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