90/10 Real Estate Agent Rule

“The 90/10 rule applies; the majority of agents cannot earn a living, and most new agents are gone within two years.—How many buyer’s agents are simply “yes people” — simply agreeing with their buyer because they either just want to close them or simply lack the required skill, knowledge and candor to be effective counselors?”
I JUST talked about this with a friend yesterday…mostly cause I was explaining to her that YES as her Real Estate Agent, I will look at any house with her anywhere that she wants to look at. And YES—I will continue to look with her as long as it takes.
Yes of course I want a sale. FOR YOU. TRUST ME I understand the 90/10 rule, almost two years in and I’m barely breaking even financially. HOWEVER—I’m blessed to be working with lots of people I love looking for their next home. PATIENCE.
If you aren’t working with someone who is working FOR YOU. Find someone who will. Not everyone out there is sell, sell, sell. And it’s never too early to look or it’s been too long looking or too far away to look. We never would have found Weber Wonderland without a patient REALTOR who visited countless homes, in countless areas of WNY. I get it. And this is why I wanted to become an agent.

Did you know I can help YOU buy or sell real estate anywhere WNY? As with most things in my life—I’m a bit of All Things.  I grew up in Chautauqua County, moved to the City of Buffalo for a decade+, fell in love and moved to the tippy-top of Niagara County and now am happily settled in Southern Erie County at Weber Wonderland. I know my way around.


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