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Dyngus Day Buffalo 2015

Happy Dyngus Day! Time to head down to the Historic Polonia District in Buffalo for a little post-lenten celebration! Where the hell do all these thousands upon thousands of people in WNY come from at 5pm on Easter Monday for a Dyngus Day parade to wear red, listen to polka, drink Krupnick, eat pierogies and […]

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Dyngus Day 2013

Everyone loves a party and a parade and pierogies and pussy willows! HAPPY DYNGUS DAY! But being PELTED with snow on April 1st? Maybe not so much, but lucky for me…I have a great group of friends that were willing to come out and play at Dyngus Day Buffalo 2013! Since Anderson Cooper opted out […]

Holidays, Western New York

Happy Dyngus Day!

Happy Dyngus Day! I took today off of work…gonna go Dyngus now. Ten reasons why I love Dyngus Day. Vodka. Krupnik. RED the color red is everywhere. Polka, for the love of Poland who doesn’t love the polka!? Potato Pancakes Pierogies Parade! Making new friends! Accordions. Pussy Willows. As HWMMS said “you just love a […]

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Dyngus Day Tweets

I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night and POLKA Every Day! Here are my Dyngus Day Tweets from the evening. I held back. Probably because it’s hard to Tweet while holding two beers all night. And no pussy willows for me, Lord knows I find myself in enough trouble without having to hit men with […]

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To Dyngus or Not Dyngus That Is The Question

To Dyngus or Not Dyngus That Is The Question. I do love Dyngus Day in Buffalo. And I love even more that the CENTRAL TERMINAL PARTY IS BACK THIS YEAR! I’m even wearing my POLISH in BUFFALO (Born in Buffalo) hoodie, from the one year it was so freaking cold we all had to break […]

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Lenten Promises?

Lenten Promises? Well, I didn’t smooch any boys during Lent. So that means I completed my duty? 😉 Onward to Dyngus Day! In all seriousness, I think that by pretending to give up men for Lent I actually sort of filtered out a few crushes. For reals.  For now at least. Hmmm. And that’s all […]

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That Moment When Your Realize the Bills Streaker Who Looks Like Your Friend Is Actually Your Friend

Yep, me and about 270 other people I know in WNY are friends with Bills Streaker aka Señor Wiener. Here’s the story…I turned off the Bills game yesterday pretty much right before the big play of the game. To tell you the truth I’m not sure I saw much of the 4th quarter to begin […]