Giant Puppy and Her Rock

Giant Puppy and Her Rock. Giant Puppy LOVES to dig GIANT HOLES all over Weber Wonderland. And since we live out in the country and have enough land, her giant holes are just fine with us. Lately, she’s been digging out rocks that she finds and bringing them to us. So very proud. Four foot […]

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Giant Puppy

Yesterday the people I love were grumpy. It was just that kind of day. When I got home from work, around 8:30pm I noticed the puppies still didn’t eat the “carpet food” and asked HWMMS if he fed the dogs when he got home. His reply? “No, I said I wasn’t going to feed them […]


Giant Puppy on a Giant Chair

  Giant Puppy acts like she can’t fit on the Giant Round Chair. Also, she is napping with our poo emoji throw pillow.


Tough Life for a Giant Puppy

Tough Life for a Giant Puppy. I’m out back tending to the burn pile (cause you do things like that when living in the country, burn things. I love a good fire!) Anyhow, I’m tending to the burn pile and noticed that Giant Puppy is no longer sunning herself in the lawn by the house…I […]


Happy Birthday Giant Puppy!

Our sweetest Jordan turned one year old yesterday! We started her birthday out right by giving her a frozen steak from the freezer. She basically walked around the house with it in her mouth for about 27 minutes and then started that high-pitched puppy squealy whine to go outdoors. Of course she did. She took […]

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Giant Puppy is Ridiculous

Giant Puppy is Ridiculous. HWMMS is in the process of painting the living room so the GIANT bean bag chair ended up on the GIANT round chair. Next logical step? Add Giant Puppy. Save Save


Giant Puppy: Lap Dog?

Jordie sometimes thinks she is a lap dog. Oh, and she’s still only 10 months old…so much more Great Dane than Plott Hound. Save

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Giant Puppy’s First Christmas

Giant Puppy’s First Christmas “Yes, I have to go potty outside again. No, I don’t have any new toys with me to bury in the mud, see!” “OHMYGODMAMAISMAKINGMEHOMEMADELIVERTREATSINTHEOVENANDTHEYSMELLSOGOODARETHEYREADYYET?” “I’m completely listening to you telling me about the story of a dreidel and not even thinking about eating that lovely blue shiny dog toy in your […]

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Giant Puppy Redecorates

Giant Puppy Redecorates This is where we put the lights. Adorable large bulb lights along the side of the stairs of the porch. Cute right? s Well. Ummm. Jordan thought differently. “Mama. I like them better my way.” Apparently Giant Puppy wanted to redecorate Weber Wonderland for us. Save


A Day In The Life of Giant Puppy

Giant Puppy gets up in the morning and runsrunsruns. Giant Puppy prefers to come indoors for just a little while to get some food and bark at the kitties and then likes to get a toy to bring outside to play with in the snow. Happiest darn puppers in the land. By the end of […]


All Things Giant Puppy

All Things Giant Puppy. Three months ago, we fell in love. Sadie’s Safe Harbor is a canine rescue located in our small town which I have been following closely since our beloved Henri passed away in January. Nothing will fill the Henri void for sure, but HWMMS decided at we could consider getting another doggie […]


Giant Flying Gourd Dream

I’ve not been myself this past two weeks, some sort of funky funk…the onset of the Big D I hate so much… Maybe there’s some hidden message in the dream I had last night… HWMMS had to wake me up in the middle of the night because he was freaked out that I was crying/laughing […]


Jealous Puppy

Jealous little brother. #HarleyTheBoxer #GiantPuppy #DogsofInstagram #BrindleLove A video posted by Jennifer L. S. Weber (@allthingsjlsw) on Jan 18, 2016 at 6:29pm PST


Medium Puppy

Medium Puppy gets around (quite quickly I might add and faster than Giant Puppy) by a run/hop combo because of his front leg birth defect. There is NOTHING IN THE WORLD CUTER than seeing that silly happy face hopping around with his little boxer ears flapping around at all times. I’m totally in love with […]


Giant Noggin

Giant Puppy is only 9.5 months old. She has a HUGE heavy strong noggin on her. The other night that giant noggin bopped me in the lower jaw by accident. I was being cuddly and something startled her.  Holy. Ouch. I had a bloody swollen lip for several days. I swear that noggin keeps getting […]

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Snowy Springville

Snowy Springville. So pretty I could cry. Also, still snowing, gently. Giant Puppy is in love. Nope, not as much as Erie, PA (JEALOUS!) But a pretty darn good amount considering a few feet already melted before this recent storm! Although you wouldn’t know it from the WNY Media standpoint! SPRINGVILLE IN THE NEWS! DASHING— […]


If you give a dog a bone…

If you give a dog a bone… As a mama to two large dogs, with insatiable appetites as well as energy I’m always searching for new ways to make the happiness that is chewing/gnawing a bone last as long as possible. Harley Boo is in LOVE with Bully Sticks. His entire body dances with joy […]

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Twitterments. Me in 140 charcters or less. Like what you see, come follow me! More coffee or not more coffee, that is….a silly question. Ah, after long day of work, hot tub time with a bestie feels so good. The glass of bubbly HWMMS poured also helped. #HotTubTuesday “Sometimes I forget putting myself first isn’t […]

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Sunburn Sunday!

Because Saturday sucked, or didn’t go quite as I hoped. I had an early bedtime and woke up at a normal hour this morning. Baby was it cool outside! We had the windows open all night and HWMMS was ready to shut them and turn on the heat—-but instead, we ventured out into the sun […]

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If there’s one lesson I’ve learned this year during my MeMyselfI journey, it’s been to LISTEN and GO WITH THE FLOW. Yesterday, I visited my mom at the nursing home. I wasn’t there for more than a few minutes before I felt physically sick. Headache return, wanting to vomit. I’m just a pile of a […]



I’ve been wanting to write about my Harley Boo this week so seeing the word HEART made it easy…my Harley Barley Boo has my whole damn heart. Yes, I have a Giant Puppy, Jordan who also has my heart but Harley, man that dog is something special. If you can imagine a BIG YELLOW SMILEY […]


Digging Holes

Giant Puppy taught Medium Puppy all about the joys of digging holes. Last night while Jordan dug a hole, Harley just ran around and chased the dirt. This morning, Harley tried his own. According to Harley’s foster mom, he never dug holes before. And having only one strong front leg didn’t stop the dirt from […]



Harley met Giant Puppy this afternoon…next step, Weber Wonderland. Harley is a super sweet lover boy. Gave lots of kisses. And I think HWMMS gave in to this one because of the roller derby connection. You have to read his story… With an obvious birth defect and a rough past Harley certainly doesn’t let the […]

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Jennifer L.S. Weber has been pleasing herself and others across Western New York and beyond as All Things Jennifer working as a prolific blogger/writer/freelance PR/Marketing/Social Media consultant since 1999. While wandering down a colorful path that includes twenty years of professional experience in Western New York non-profit management, fundraising, marketing, event planning, public relations, counseling […]


Jordan and the Deer Skull

Jordan and the Deer Skull. Giant Puppy found a wonderful hound treat in the woods…the remains of a deer skull attached to part of the hide. Ick. The smell was, well, no longer frozen let’s put it that way. Jordan pranced around with this thing like it was her greatest treasure. Luckily, I noticed before […]

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View From The Hot Tub

Believe it or not, we have an indoor hot tub and we haven’t been using it, AT ALL the last few months. Today, I made sure to remedy that situation STAT. This is the view across the pool. Ah, tropical plants are thriving while the snow outside is falling…and falling and still falling… And this […]

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And I’m a Hound Dog

One of my most favorite movies as a kiddo…The Fox And The Hound. Watching this clip alone makes me cry. And now I have my very own Giant Puppy sized hound dog. Jordie is finding her howl voice and it is so stinking cute…