One Year: Mama Weber

With love, to Mama Weber. “When someone you love dies, and you’re not expecting it, you don’t lose her all at once; you lose her in pieces over a long time — the way the mail stops coming, and her scent fades from the pillows and even from the clothes in her closet and drawers. […]

Home Sweet Home, Weber Wonderland

Weber Wonderland Kitchen Sneak Peek

Weber Wonderland Kitchen Sneak Peek. I want to wait until the fabulous new curtain valances I ordered from Etsy arrive before showing the final product, but until then… TEE HEE! The yellow and red and chickens and roosters and retro makes me so happy I could burst! (Next step, replacing floors and adding black/white checkerboard…) […]


Henri Weber 2000-2014

Our hearts are broken. Henri the old Pup gave us a mighty scare last Spring right after we moved to our new forever home. We were blessed to spend time with him for several more months watching him frolic around the yard, along the country roads, in the woods, by the pond, garden, three feet […]


Weber Christmas Tree 2011

Weber Christmas Tree 2011 It started as a pole. Then we realized we needed more lights. Our tree sat for a week with only lights. And presents. He Who Makes Me Smile told me that we wouldn’t be able to put presents under the tree because Henri will rip them apart. I decided he wouldn’t […]


18th Century Stays from the Sister Wife!

Oooooooh! My very own custom made for me, pretty, pretty set of 18th century stays made with love by my Sister Wife Jillian! (Stays = Corset) THANK YOU! Huzzah! I cannot WAIT to get myself in these! And a new chemise. The one chemise I have belonged to Mama Weber (which I cherish…) and the […]

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Easter. HWMMS and I aren’t really Easter people.  I wonder how that came to be. I’m ALL THINGS HOLIDAY AND CELEBRATING AND AND… Our very first year together I took him to the Broadway Market for the first time and made Easter Brunch for him and Mama Weber. Actually, looking back at this post makes […]

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In an alternate world…

I often think Mama Weber would have loved living life in Springville with us at Weber Wonderland. She would be volunteering everywhere—and attending all the awesome senior center events, hanging out with me at the Chamber, attending the Village and Town meetings. Who am I kidding, probably running them! And our gardens would be otherworldly…I […]

Home Sweet Home, Pets

Picture Perfect Puppy

Picture Perfect Puppy. Harley the Boxer fits PERFECTLY in Mama Weber’s Chair in our foyer. I can’t get enough of his sweet little face. Such a goofy loving soul.



STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION SIMPLICITY PATTERN? Aw, yeah, Poly. Ester. Baby. Just when I think I’ve been through all of Mama Weber’s things I find the most awesome surprise of all. Two piles of polyester fabric, red and navy blue. Alright, alright older ladies wear polyester, especially years ago…but no. Nope, this wasn’t a plan […]


These Are 27 of My Favorite Things

These Are 27 of My Favorite Things A list in no particular order of a few of my favorite things from throughout the years. 1. Baby Blanket  (Made by Gma Baker) 2. Freshwater Pearl Necklace (16th birthday present from parents) 3. Class Ring (present from Aunt Carroll) 4. Blue Musical Teddy Bear (Santa Claus) 5. […]

Home Sweet Home, Weber Wonderland


I love our foyer. I truly believe this old chair of Mama Weber’s was MEANT to live in our Foyer. I love it. I love it more in this room. I love it in this room so much in fact it became the anchor piece from which I have decorated everything else around. I love […]



After not one, not two but THREE failed “contracts” the ink on the closing papers for the condo is now dry as of yesterday afternoon. We actually didn’t trust ourselves yesterday and called again today to confirm. So many words I could say. Choosing the high road, for now. Closed. Ah, breath of fresh air. […]

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Let there be (a new dining room) light!

Let there be (a new dining room) light! You do see this is HWMMS attempting to remove the ugly ceiling fan by stepping on a step stool on top of Mama Weber’s antique dining room table right? You do know that is going to end badly in some way shape or form, right? Yep. Right […]

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Honeymoon in the Berkshires

I’m so behind on all things blogging about Weber Wedding Weekend. Ready? Remember the post not long ago when I talked about our honeymoon and we decided we wanted to travel lots of places in an RV? Yeah…turns out not so much. I HATE the heat, what was I thinking? Instead, we decided to take […]

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That Moment When Your Realize the Bills Streaker Who Looks Like Your Friend Is Actually Your Friend

Yep, me and about 270 other people I know in WNY are friends with Bills Streaker aka Señor Wiener. Here’s the story…I turned off the Bills game yesterday pretty much right before the big play of the game. To tell you the truth I’m not sure I saw much of the 4th quarter to begin […]

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Because not everybody loves Twitter like I do… Oh my gosh I have an incredibly heavy sense of sadness today and I’m not sure at all where it’s coming from. 🙁 #NaNoWriMo Day 2 words: 1,731. Meh. Not impressed. Should be more. But at least, words. My dogs are acting out. It could be the fact […]

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Giant Puppy Redecorates

Giant Puppy Redecorates This is where we put the lights. Adorable large bulb lights along the side of the stairs of the porch. Cute right? s Well. Ummm. Jordan thought differently. “Mama. I like them better my way.” Apparently Giant Puppy wanted to redecorate Weber Wonderland for us. Save


One Week…

One Week…Thank you all for the kind words, messages and cards…it means a lot to us. We miss our old pup like an appendage. Henri pretty much followed me around the house everywhere I went. At all times. By my side. Tis especially sad at night when he isn’t with us cuddling under the blankies. […]

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WNY Dairy/Ag Festival

Since we are now officially *townies* of Springville (more so Concord…) we HAD to check out the Springville Annual WNY Dairy/Ag Festival in between torrential downpours this weekend! I already missed the photo op of “Drive Your Tractor to School Day” on Friday because I slept in, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get […]


This Past Sunday Was A Very Bad Day

1. One year anniversary of the death of my husband’s mama. 2. Husband passed out from coughing while driving home from a nice dinner. ‪ 3. Car accident. Hit a tree. I grabbed the wheel once seeing tree in my direct path and managed to divert damage. 4. Twisted my ankle. Have NO IDEA how […]


Planting, planting, planting.

Planting, planting, planting. I couldn’t sleep last night. All I could think about was planting. Planting, planting, planting. All this space and so many things I can’t wait to plant! The thing is…my entire planting/garden self is heavily completely influenced on how I grew up as a kid at Ye Old Homestead on Route 39 […]


My Life, in a Nutshell

My Life, in a Nutshell Wow. Hi Blog. I miss you. Wonder if anyone else notices I’ve been quiet? Eh, whatever. Here’s the quick scoop. A few times a year it gets really, really, really, really busy at work. I’m smack in the middle of one of those times. On top of all the normal […]

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On the 5th Day of Vacation

My true love of self gave to me…sleeping until 2pm because I was up ALL NIGHT COUGHING. Bah. He Who Makes Me Smile and I have been fighting this cold/cough thing for way too long now. I’m ready for it to end. I suppose celebrating with a Holiday Happy Hour, Chuck Cousin Christmas, Smith Christmas, […]

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Family Tradition

Family Tradition. We just came back from a Christmas party with He Who Makes Me Smile’s cousins from his dad’s side of the family. First of all I have to say the farmhouse was the most amazing home I’ve ever seen. Absolutely  gorgeous, spacious, beautifully decorated and inviting. I felt like I was in a […]

Weber Wedding Weekend

Wednesday Weddingments!

Kind of like Randomments but you know All Things Wedding instead, I’ll save these little snippets for Wednesday. Only because of the alliteration. 1. Maggie asked to see my hand while standing in line in the bathroom during a theater intermission last week. At which point the women around me all oooed and ahhhed and […]