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The Hair

I have childhood memories of horror when I remember my mother asking me to “cut the hair” on the mole on her face. Cut the hair? Um, no thank you. Do it yourself, right? Why on earth would you ask your teenage daughter to do such a thing? I’ve had nightmares over that strangely wiry, […]

Music, Weber Wonderland

A Little Fall of Rain

Do YOU like getting caught in the rain? The rain started to fall as I was driving to work after taking this photo of the sky over Newton Pond at Weber Wonderland. I found it funny that the “Piña Colada” song came on the radio when I was driving and right as the line “getting […]

Food & Drink, Garden

Overwintering Root Veggies: Found!

Spring has SPRUNG! Overwintering Root Veggies: Found! Ignore the fact that my hair has a ridiculous amount of grey roots showing and for the first time, I think ever…I feel like I look every single one of my 41 years of age (ugh, this realization hurts looking at this photo, I need to shape up.)…I […]


Fuss Free

My name is Jennifer and I have a confession. Of course if you know me and see me in person you likely know this already…but…here I go. I rarely wear makeup. I’ve gone on interviews without putting makeup on (and got the job, be quiet…) I’ve gone to fancy social events without putting makeup on… […]