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WNY Bucket List: Outdoor Winter Fun

A repost of my latest article in the Springville Times:  Winter Bucket List: Outdoor Winter Fun Winter is no longer coming, Winter is here! While waiting for the daylight to slowly inch back into longer hours, why not spend some time outdoors embracing the season! There’s no shortage of options in Western New York. Check […]

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Randomments: Friday Winter Wonderland Version

Randomments. “I need a little Christmas, right this very minute!”  1. Despite much snow at Weber Wonderland, we still haven’t decorated. This is always the problem, I want to before Thanksgiving when spirits are high. Instead I’m now surrounded by high piles of decoration boxes which are stacked in front of the wine rack making […]

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Overwintering Root Veggies: Found!

Spring has SPRUNG! Overwintering Root Veggies: Found! Ignore the fact that my hair has a ridiculous amount of grey roots showing and for the first time, I think ever…I feel like I look every single one of my 41 years of age (ugh, this realization hurts looking at this photo, I need to shape up.)…I […]

Weber Wedding Weekend

Weddingments! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

Weddingments! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? Holy moly! We’re getting married in less than 6 months! When we first started talking about weddings we both wanted to get married in the FALL. Fall is a lovely time of the year and we can have an outdoor wedding with tents and a pavilion and pumpkins and […]


Boating for Beginners by Jeanette Winterson

One of my most favourite authors in the whole wide world is Jeanette Winterson. I have read and reread The Passion and Written on the Body countless times. Today, I finished Boating for Beginners. A witty lesser known little book of hers that had me laughing out loud several times. The story of Noah and […]


Jeanette Winterston

Jeanette Winterson, Oranges are Not the Only Fruit “As it is, I can’t settle, I want someone who is fierce and will love me until death and know that love is as strong as death, and be on my side for ever and ever. I want someone who will destroy and be destroyed by me. […]


Winter Present

Tis the first day of winter so I let Mark open one of his presents. I call it a WINTER present. I think I like this tradition! When we met he had a hat very similar to this one, only purple. I called him purple hat /truck guy. And then he lost his favorite hat. […]


My View: Winter

MY VIEW: I wish I could harness winter’s magical powers By JENNIFER SMITH 2/17/2005 A friend in Virginia e-mailed me a while back asking me a simple question: “If you know you’re prone to depression, why don’t you think about moving somewhere down South where it’s sunny and warm? I’m sure the gloomy, gray, cold […]


Jeanette Winterson

Jeanette Winterson. A beautiful writer. I adore this woman and her novels. My favorites are The Passion and Written on the Body. Here is an excerpt from Written…which I have been rereading this weekend. Molecular docking is a serious challenge for bio-chemists. There are many ways to fit molecules together but only a few juxtapositions […]


Jeanette Winterson

Jeanette Winterson Anyone familiar? I’m  seriously finding myself devouring her novels. The Passion was the first one I read and very much enjoyed. I’m now reading Gut Symmetries and I completed Written on the Body the other day…which is so far my favourite! Here is the authors description of Written. “It’s a simple story; love found, love […]

Weber Wonderland


Stuck! A familiar sight in Winter Weber Wonderland. Must have four-wheel drive for our treacherous windy, uphill driveway. Didn’t even get to Bogert Curve this time. Kubota to the rescue! Fingers and toes and hairs in our nose crossed — this will be the last time our rattletrap no longer 4WD truck will get stuck […]


How is this real life?

How is this real life? January 2018: Just came back from Village Board meeting. Simple, small-town politics. Swearing in a new Police officer, wishing happy birthday to a Trustee, thanking street department for all their hard work. And then I came home and logged on Twitter. A statement by the President: pic.twitter.com/qIk5H4XAE5 — Real Press […]

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Because not everybody loves Twitter like I do… “And a friend who bullies us is no longer a friend. And since bullies only respond to strength, from now onward, I will be prepared to be much stronger.” #LoveActually “I’m just sitting here with a mustache and memories of last night.” – Burt Reynolds @archerfxx Today we […]

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The End of the Year (Anti) Bucket List

A repost of my article in the Springville Times: The End of the Year (Anti) Bucket List With all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season (almost) behind us the very, last thing you might be thinking about includes making more plans for the weeks ahead. Time for a rest, recoup and recovery session to […]


A Rare Sighting

A Rare Sighting of a Jenny in her Winter Basement Entertainment Room Habitat. It was chilly. The blanket felt warm on my head. HWMMS thought it was funny.

Western New York

Downtown Buffalo

HWMMS and I saw The Headstones at the Town Ballroom tonight. And when we left the show, I had no choice but to snap a photo of how beautiful the chilly Winter night looked from the sidewalk. Ah, Buffalo.

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12 Festive WNY Holiday Events

Repost of my article in the Springville Times: Holiday Bucket List: 12 Festive Events I made the list and checked it twice, now it’s your turn to check out at least one of these not really naughty but mostly nice 12 Festive WNY Holiday Events! Start out with a train ride on the North Pole Express […]

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WNY Historical Political Sites

A reprint of my latest article in the Springville Times: Fall Bucket List: Historic Political Sites Tuesday, November 7th is Election Day. While studying up on your local candidates before you go out to your polling place next week, why not schedule a bit of time to brush up on a little political history at […]

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Snow! Winter is Coming. I’m gonna be 44 years old and I still can’t contain myself from childlike joy when I see the first giant flakes of snow falling from the skies. If loving snow is wrong, I’m wrong. Also, I love you HWMMS. I love you for making sure our driveway is clear to […]

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Cheers to the Beers! ​

A report of my article in the Springville Times: Cheers to the Beers! Cheers to the Beers! Thomas Jefferson once said, “Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.” We agree (in moderation of course.) All across Western New York you can find local breweries serving unique craft beers […]

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Movie Night (Always Choose Sean Bean)

When HWMMS “allows” me to “choose” the movie we are going to “watch” there’s usually one movie that I want much over the other. Tonight, I hesitated. I’ll explain in a bit. First a little clarification. “Allows” – I have some control over the selection. It’s become a Weber game. With odd rules, for example […]

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WNY Apple Picking Time

Repost of my latest article in the Springville Times – Fall Bucket List: Apple Picking Time! By Jennifer Weber Happy September! The (unofficial) beginning of the Fall Season is here and you know what that means— it’s time for the yearly excursion out to an orchard to pick apples with the family. Before you head […]

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Twitterments. Me in 140 charcters or less. Like what you see, come follow me! Be ethical. Be honest. Be human. #LifeLessons It’s midnight. WHY AM I HEARING POWER TOOLS ON THE PATIO OUTSIDE? Oh dear husband… AND the answer to my last tweet? How about finishing up one last part of the new patio tables […]


“Don’t Call Me Lawrence”

Gettysburg. Currently hiding in the MUCH COOLER basement watching the movie Gettysburg with HWMMS after taking a quick dip in the pool. Note, this was upon my request. Jeff Daniels as Chamberlain has to be one of my favorite movie performances of all time. And the soundtrack, oh, the soundtrack alone can move me to […]

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In a quest to use more of nature’s free gifts at Weber Wonderland I decided this would be the year I would weed, I mean forage for Dandelions. We have dandelions everywhere. As it should be, right? I never understood why people are so anti-dandelion in their yard. Mow them down, lawn is green. They […]


Asparagus Time!

Squee! Looky here! Mama’s first homegrown asparagus spears! And yes exclamation points abound! Because I’m excited and love asparagus! This is one of those vegetables I didn’t grow up with in the garden, I did however have it for my birthday meal every year. For some reason I thought it was fancy and delicious and […]

Weber Wedding Weekend

Wearing the Wedding Shoes

Wearing the Wedding Shoes. I haven’t dragged out from the depths of the closet the next season shoes yet. I’ve been wearing my warm, tan winter booties everywhere and today, today I knew I needed to find something else. I went looking for my black slipons but I pulled out this shoe instead. And then […]