A long, long weekend indeed…

The BFF came into town from Philly for the High Holy Days.

We started the weekend out on Friday with a little QCRG Roller Derby.

And from there went to the Tralf for some Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins.  Ron Hawkins always makes everything better. A really, really good set too. Made me happy.

Me and my boys…

After 10 hours of fun on Friday we took it a little easier on Saturday.

Oh look! Time to wear green!

The Saturday plan included dinner at JP’s Pub in Lakeview to get seats to see The LeftOvers. Good times.

Oh, I was exhausted. Beyond exhausted. In fact by the time Sunday morning came around I said if I had a million dollars I would pay the universe a million dollars to not have to go out again…and NO it wasn’t because I was hungover.

But I put on a smile (or at least tried) got dressed and headed out to Towne Restaurant for some breakfast before the downtown St. Patrick’s Day parade. Honestly, seeing my favorite teens and spending time with my cousins made EVERYTHING BETTER

Second stop was good ol’ Gabriel’s Gate. Because, tradition.

Aw, friendly faces. Some I haven’t seen in a long time. (Looking at you Paula!)

At the parade we met up with another usual suspect.

The cousins glitter confetti bombed the start of the parade.

I bought a most excellent wolf hat, which has NOTHING to do whatsoever with St. Patrick’s Day, however I realized it is IMPOSSIBLE to not smile while wearing a wolf hat (and listening to the song of Bob’s people, the Irish Flag colored vuvuzela.)

See? Am I right?

While it wasn’t nearly as cold as it could have been and thankfully not snowing or raining somehow the group still ended up across the street at the hotel bar, where you have to purchase a drink in order to use the bathroom. Um, yeah. As if we needed that excuse.

The final stop, the Buffalo Irish Center to see The LeftOvers. Because you have to see the band more than just once or it’s like it didn’t happen.

It’s a Lawnchair! (Sláinte)

And now, home for a rest. A long, long rest.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?