Health & Wellness, Mind and Spirit, Personal / Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

AAARRRRRRUUUUUGH! I’m currently one penguin feather away from losing my ever-loving mind right now. I just might throw my phone/laptop/computer/car keys—so I can’t drive to a computer— in the toilet so no one can contact me until after the New Year.

AND I have a mean headache on my lower right side of my brain. Day #2. Doing a poor job handling stress right now. Anxiety through the roof. When I went internet surfing looking for the answers to my headache hoping it wasn’t a stroke or anurerism I stumbled upon this about the lower right brain which immediately reminded me I had lavender and yarrow flower essences in my medicine cabinet that I really need to start using more often.

I would like to be back here please. Cozy comfy bed. And I swear to GOD if this real estate deal doesn’t close on time for my poor client by the New Year I’m gonna lose it.



Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?