Again? Really?




Now I’m starting to think maybe it’s not really as much of a coincidence as I thought the first time—-MAYBE the radio station plays this song all the time every day and I just don’t know because I rarely listen to the radio. Although if this is true, the radio station should probably rethink it’s programming. Why on earth does anyone want to hear the song the Living Years in the first place?

Here’s the tale…

I decide to cook up some dinner on Tuesday after a few hours of working in the morning.

I decide on a pork dish and let the Instant Pot do most of the work for me.

I decide I’m going to bring dinner to my mom and her roommate at the home and visit for a while.

Now I’m puttering about in the kitchen, getting to-go containers organized and ready to leave and for some odd reason I decide to turn on the radio. Why? I don’t know really, I’m literally going to be five or ten minutes at the most. Maybe I was thinking I would leave it on for the doggies as background music? Anyhow, I’m in the moment getting dinner together, I turn on the radio right as a commercial break is ending and…




This time instead of that ping of dread and instinct to turn the music off, I actually shake my head, chuckle out loud and say, really? (dad…) I do think I omitted the word dad, but I know I was speaking to him cause it surely felt like he was speaking to me.

For the love of all that is holy WHY THIS SONG AGAIN?

Midway through the song, yes I’m still listening to it while getting dinner ready…I broke into tears and cried. And I realized that my family in spirit is cheering me on and encouraging me to do the right thing—-visiting my mom—even when it is HARD AS HELL to go into the home sometimes.

I don’t think I had planned on going to the home on Tuesday necessarily, that’s usually the day Tim visits. But I knew he wasn’t able to that day and I was feeling very daughter guilty and knew I needed to spend time there. The dinner thing was a complete whim…so the song playing at that moment, was honestly, a really nice reminder of doing the right thing.

Little did I know at the time how much I needed to go there to see her. It ended up being quite an interesting visit to say the least which led to a LONG ASS WEEK on notice.

I’m listening…



Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?