Randomments / Sunday, November 12th, 2017

“Act your age.”

What exactly does this mean? Clearly, we act, whatever age we are, right? If I’m 43 and I choose to eat french fries and chicken nuggets for lunch am I not acting as a 43 year old adult? Nope. I’m still 43. And I chose to eat french fries and chicken nuggets for lunch. Gasp, I might even dip them in ketchup, what timeline of life does that correspond to? Or even better ranch dressing, who am I kidding I dip everything in ranch. Is that a more appropriate dipping/eating activity for a 43 year old? Now what if I served dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets? Or chose to make some elaborate fancy free-range organic chicken nugget rolled in fresh breadcrumbs and a variety of savory herbs picked fresh from the garden. Either way, I’m 43 years old eating a chicken nugget. Hence, acting my age.

All those articles out there telling people what they can and can’t or should or shouldn’t do at a certain point in their life drives me batty. SO WHAT IF I WANT TO WEAR PIGTAILS. I’m 43, older and bolder and I’ll wear pigtails if I want to. Same goes for leggings or knee socks. Or glitter eyeshadow.

Acting your age is being YOURSELF at whatever number you are at that very moment. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I read a headline the other day stating that Reese Witherspoon, who was lounging in a bathing suit—-looked amazing and HALF HER AGE! Um, no. She looks exactly like her age. Be it 40 or 32 or 22. She looks the way she looks and she is the age she is. Who is to say that a woman in her 40’s can’t have an incredible bathing suit body like Reese Witherspoon? Who is to say that a woman in her 20’s can have a flabby morbidly obese bathing suit ready body and still look 20 years old? What’s the judge here of what AGE looks like?

Now of course, as we grow older we look older. But does that come with any certain number? I can line up 100 people that are “my age” and I guarantee you every single one of the people will look a different age. Some younger, some older.

You guys, it’s just a number. It’s all relative. Just be you. Older and bolder.

And that’s my public service announcement for the day. Carry on.