All Things Canning: Tomatoes and Peaches

Dear God this canning hobby job is teaching me patience. Let’s just say a few hours ago I typed in the Google Machine…

“Do you really have to boil the jars and lids before putting in food while canning.”

The answer of course is: YES.

I predict by the time this garden is complete this season I will end up with at least 27 burns. I already broke one jar while trying to retrieve from the water bath. Slow and steady. Two words I have in my vocabulary but rarely act upon. Eegads!

I find it humorous that HWMMS won’t let me climb a ladder to pick apples in the backyard but he has no problem with me playing with boiling water and steam and hot liquids for hours upon hours upon hours…

In other news…look what I made today!

green tomato salsa verde
Green Tomato Salsa Verde
Tomato Sauce
Tomato Sauce
Sliced Peaches
Is there anything more satisfying than that little *POP* sound of the jars sealing?
I can’t wait to see all these pretty jars are lined up in a row in storage!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?