Fuss Free

My name is Jennifer and I have a confession. Of course if you know me and see me in person you likely know this already…but…here I go. I rarely wear makeup.

I’ve gone on interviews without putting makeup on (and got the job, be quiet…)

I’ve gone to fancy social events without putting makeup on…

Those moments few and far between the last decade or so that I do wear makeup, I always tried for a very minimalistic look. I’ve been basically carrying around the same four to six brownish pink grey beige eyeshadows around since I was allowed to wear makeup. I sometimes opt for foundation and powder, but rarely blush and never lipstick. I have super thin lips and a shaky hand…lip gloss does just fine most days. I do enjoy mascara and a lash curler, but mostly because I’m a mess and end up getting liquid foundation on my lashes and have to make them dark again.

Perhaps I’m in a time warp and I need to be on one of those MAKE HER OVER NOW reality shows?

He Who Makes Me Smile confessed a few weeks ago, out of nowhere, that when I do wear makeup, he thinks the color is too light for my skin. Which was the first time anyone ever said that before, so I was intrigued. I’m a very pale white girl with freckles and blemishes about…I know when I do use foundation it wipes that palette clean and looks a bit fake to me. Which is probably why I rarely wear makeup anymore, I’m not exceptionally good and careful and precise about dabbing here and there with the right brush under the right lights to create the perfect contour. Never have been.  But it never occurred to me that it didn’t look right…interesting, eh? I wonder what OTHER people are thinking when they see me run around daily without makeup? Or with?

I also don’t use hair products like spray or mousse or gel or any kind of dryer other than a towel and the occasional blast of heat from the vent in the car on my way someplace.

And the more I learn about toxic chemicals in makeup and cleaners and all sorts of products, the more I’m happy I don’t really use a lot of them in the first place. Being 11/12ths of the way to 40  years old and trying to have babies means I need to stay away from as much as that chemical stuff I can.

Did you know this about me? Anyone else out there basically makeup free?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?