All Things Giant Puppy

Pets / Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

All Things Giant Puppy. Three months ago, we fell in love.

Sadie’s Safe Harbor is a canine rescue located in our small town which I have been following closely since our beloved Henri passed away in January. Nothing will fill the Henri void for sure, but HWMMS decided at we could consider getting another doggie at the end of July, after we completed quite a bit of traveling.

I had my eye on this cutie from the start.


A Plott Hound/Great Dane mix. 5 months old. I posted the photo on Facebook and everyone fell in love with that sweet face, but HWMMS said not yet.

Several weeks later, two of the siblings were adopted, but Jordan was still listed. I filled out an application and waited. About two hours later, Jordan’s foster mom Kelly wrote to me and said that they would love to come do a home visit.

Needless to say? Long story short? Jordan was meant to be ours. The home visit went smashing. HWMMS fell in giant puppy love and we gained a new group of wonderful friends in the process.

Pretty darn lucky, I’d say.

Our Sweet Jordan came to live at her forever home with us exactly on her 5 month birthday. She was a kind, loveable, sweet soul from the start. We were amazingly blessed that she was raised and trained by an incredible, dedicated foster family for the last few months and already knew her basic commands (maybe not always using them properly, but knows them) and was potty trained and crate trained. Jordan’s first night with us went perfectly, truly she was meant to be ours. She loves loves loves the big house and the big outside. Not so much the pool or the kitty cats though.


About 60 pounds at 5 months old, she seemed like a big girl for a Plott Hound and she QUICKLY gained the nickname Giant Puppy.


Our vet definitely said she is more of a Great Dane, at least size wise. And will easily be over 100 pounds when she stops growing.


And she keeps growing. And growing.


And growing in her sleep.


And growing while digging holes everywhere.

Jordan in the Woods

And growing while chasing deer and running around in the woods.

I honestly can’t imagine a more perfect dog for Weber Wonderland.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?