Master Suite Inspiration

Home Sweet Home, Weber Wonderland / Monday, April 29th, 2013

Master Suite Inspiration

I’ve been spending lots of time lately thinking about how to decorate our soon to-be new home. What colors? What designs? What will we both agree on? Interestingly, enough? Although probably not a surprise to many…I have a different style for every room.

Master Suite: Art Decoish


Our Master Suite is on the first floor of our soon to be new home. Which makes me very happy thinking we can grow old in this house and not worry about stairs. Also, there is another bedroom on the main floor which will be *fingers crossed* a nursery. (The other two bedrooms are upstairs along with an office.)

The Master Suite is quite a bit more decadent than anything I ever imagined living in. There is a HUGE walk in closet, plenty of space for a King Size bedroom set and oh yeah, a two-sided stone fireplace that is shared with the bathroom. The only problem is, the fireplace isn’t complete. The stones are there in the bedroom and mostly in the bathroom, but no two sided fireplace insert. And from what I’ve gathered so far, those tend to be a bit pricy. I don’t mind putting large candles in the opening for a while! As long as the shower is completed (which you can see in the 2nd photo…is um, not there at all.) However, there is a whirlpool tub…

This is the one room I have the most complete vision for currently. HWMMS and I stayed at The Giacomo Hotel in Niagara Falls (gift from our friends from Weber Wedding Weekend) and fell in love with the Art Deco style and design of the rooms and decided we would do something similar for our own bedroom.

Colors: Lilac, Purple, Grey and Silver.

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