All Things Midweek Musings: 5/11/2016

Midweek Musings: 5/11/2016

A little feature I offer weekly, sharing real estate, house and home and Western New York content I find while wasting time on the interwebs, I mean, while working hard curating content to share with my clients! And there are 27 each week because, it’s my favorite number. Enjoy!

  1. Student to spend the summer biking & building homes
  2. Discover the Kitchen Style for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type
  3. You Can Rent This Niagara Falls Location Listed in the Panama Papers
  4. I can think of a few people who might consider an offer like this…Russia offers free land in bid to settle remote wilderness
  5. 5 Killer Things We Learned About Home Buying From ’80s Action Movies
  6. Someone I know please buy this house so I can live vicariously through you in THIS INCREDIBLE RETRO KITCHEN!
  7. A Ridiculously Long List Of Easy DIY Projects To Try This Spring
  8. Aquarium of Niagara: Gary Siddall appointed executive director
  9. Disclaimer: I love her. Joanna Gaines Is Releasing a New Wallpaper Collection
  10. TEST YOUR HOMES, PEOPLE. Radon is found to pose a risk for blood cancer
  11. A perfectly designed kitchen cabinet is a wonderful thing, but so are these clever alternative storage ideas
  12. This Saturday! Music is Art Battle of the High School Bands
  13. Simple Design Tricks to Make Your Home Say ‘Spring’
  14. A new study ranks Buffalo as a “somewhat walkable” city.
  15. lloyd Taco Trucks & lloyd Taco Factory are hiring!
  16. “I’m RICHLY SCHEDULED” Hahahaha. Love it. Phrases That Will Make Your Day More Positive and Productive
  17. Ali MacGraw, Ryan O’Neal reunite on 710 Main stage in ‘Love Letters’
  18. Construction of new homes heats up in region’s suburbs
  19. I love Taming of the Shrew! Shakespeare in Delaware Park shows announced
  20. Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom
  21. President Obama signs bill declaring the bison the national mammal
  22. Fannie Mae: Consumers never felt so poorly about home buying
  23. Hahahahahahahaa. What Does ‘TLC’ Mean in a Listing? You’d Better Take Care
  24. The dividing line between haves and have-nots in home ownership: Education, not student debt
  25. Worst Homes for First-Time Buyers
  26. Learn how to access historic tax credits for your home repairs! If your home is located within a National/State Historic District or listed in the National/State Registry, you could potentially qualify for a tax credit of up to 20% for qualified repairs and renovations.



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