All Things Vegas, Let’s Go!

WAKE UP! It’s VEGAS time!

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Yep, I turn 40 and find that those 4am mornings of years ago are far gone, seeing that I couldn’t deal with the Vegas time change and was in bed by midnight.

So to start our first day in Vegas off on the right foot, HWMMS brought me Starbucks in bed, from the Starbucks at the bottom of our elevator. What a good husband.  I find it funny that I was bothered that the set of four K-cups in the hotel room would cost $10 if we wanted to use them, but had no problem getting a Starbucks fix which costs much more.

With no real plans for the morning other than wandering up Fremont Street in the daytime hours  we got dressed and ready for some adventure. Pigtails and wet hair always means a good time, right?

One thing I was not really aware about Vegas, call me naive, was the sheer amount of bombardment we would get while wandering. Holy jeez people! We fell into it hook, line, and sinker as soon as we walked out onto Fremont Street and the nice lady who started talking to us mentioned how we must be from somewhere cold because I had wet hair while she was wearing gloves. (Pretty sure the temperature was close to 60!) And then we realized, she wasn’t just being nice. Ugh.

We escaped because we saw a most excellent photo op just feet away (see above) and decided that for every 10th solicitation for a free show ticket we would stop and have a drink.

Which wasn’t really too hard because at every corner there was another person trying to approach us…and another outside bar! HWMMS and I especially liked the drink container options to choose from, since it was still um, 10am (and I’m old) the large plastic football would have to wait until later.

DAY DRINKING! It’s a lawn chair!

As we approached the far end of Fremont Street, HWMMS thought we should head up the boulevard to see if we can find the Pawn Stars shop from the History Channel.

Palm Trees. Drive-Thru Wedding Chapels.

And finally THE PAWN SHOP! With a long line! Can we meet Rick? Maybe Chumlee?

Nyah, but we did meet Auggie.

The inside of the store was much smaller than it looked to be on TV and the entire back half of the store was Pawn Stars merchandise. I also thought the store looked a bit classier, lots of cool stuff or at least lots of shiny stuff.

Like this incredibly gorgeous emerald and diamond ring I noticed sparkling underneath the glass. On a whim I asked to see it, and fell in love immediately OF COURSE. Little did I know HWMMS was planning on going BIG in Vegas—it would be a story we could tell our kids, we bought fancy things at the Pawn Shop that they can someday pawn after we die. I’m pretty sure I was in a state of disbelief and walked around with a silly grin for the rest of the day. The Pawn Shop sized the ring and we picked it up the next day. So. Darn. Pretty. Luckiest gal in the world I tell ya.

HWMMS also bought something shiny, he had been eying a fancy watch since picking out my engagement ring but was hoping for something more old-school traditional like a Rolex instead of a Tag. And the fact that I even know what a Tag is to blog about is blowing my mind right now.

And where better to find a somewhat reasonably priced Rolex than at the Pawn Shop? I’m still flabbergasted…We haven’t made the trip to an appraiser yet to make sure that we got a “good” or “fair” deal but HWMMS is certain that the Pawn Shop would not make it this far if they were shady. Plus, he’s been pricing them for a while…

Yes, our life is crazy.

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