Allegheny Alumni Event

Personal, Western New York / Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Ah, tonight I went to an Allegheny College Alumni event at the Burchfield Penny.

I actually got to see the Burchfield tis time!!! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

Walked in and saw Phil Foxman. Gave him a big hug, it had been a long, long time. God I loved my time at Allegheny.

Got to meet the new President of the College while near the bar (of course.) He was only drinking club soda at the time because it was before his speech, but I told him I’d bring him a beer right when he was finished.

So we listened to speeches about how wonderful Allegheny College is…

I saw a dude wearing Allegheny colored blue and gold sneakers. I did approach him about this later in the evening…right after I brought the new President a beer of course. I love being me. 🙂

And then Susie and I talked and the boys talked…and all was good in the world.

I handed out my business card sparingly. Drank the wine liberally. Enjoyed Oliver’s passed appetizers for once at an event that didn’t involve working.

AND learned that the FIJI house is now an elegant administrative building.

The night would have been better ONLY if Professor Seddig would have been there.

And now I cannot get our song out of my head “Fair Allegheny, yonder by the hill…”

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?