Although yesterday and today has brought me down and out.

I have to say I am sort of looking forward to tonight.

Alone with Us Weekly, The New Yorker, National Review,Washington Post Weekly, Bookmarks, Writer’s Digest…all unread from this past week or so.

With my pile of books, one I might actually pick up and read.

With my notes, with hundreds of jots and scribbles and ideas yet unfulfilled.

With my thoughts.

Alone to catch up on the blogs and online articles with the computer that belongs to my dearest roomie, who is out on another date with her man. This means the roomie gets some meat tonight. No, no not like that, but in a *feed me something other than grilled cheese, mac and cheese and peanut butter and bread* kind of way. A real dinner. Real meat. Real delicious. I have been existing on fried egg sandwiches and leftover mac and cheese for weeks now.

With my three tapes of convention coverage. Monday, Tuesday and the big one last night.

Of course that is never, really my first choice…but tis my life.

I chose to be alone. No one else.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?