Already Wednesday?

I’m distracted and grumpy.

The idea of a Clinton vs. Romney race makes me queasy.

I wanted to catch up on blogs but I found myself unable to hide from the headlines.


NPR woke me up with tales of the election (which I promptly turned off) and then, THEN tales of freaking BASEBALL. (Which makes me ill.) And tales of the prancing of our President in the Middle East. (Ick.)

The news is not my friend…

Good thing I will be away from all media temptations at a staff retreat all day. Coffee and donuts to start the day. Myers-Briggs test analysis and merriment. Delicious sandwiches for lunch. And a drumming circle in the afternoon. If Michael Scott appears, I wouldn’t be surprised. 🙂 We also had to turn in a *name* of someone famous either real or fictional. NO idea what that’s for…can you guess who I picked?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?