And Best Commute goes to…Buffalo!

Personal / Sunday, April 27th, 2008

So you say Buffalo has the #1 commute, eh?

Ok, I give. It is pretty great. Main Street in Williamsville is hell, but only a mini-mini hell compared to the rest of the country. Interestingly enough on Friday, I had to drive out to Cheektowaga (on the highway) to pick up 35 dozen donuts from work and the only thing that made me queasy was the smell, not the traffic. Later that day at lunchtime I had a doctor’s appointment out in Williamsville and driving back to work made me want to poke my eyes out. (Of course I took the long way home, as in via Sheridan Drive to Delaware Ave so I could stop at Premier, cause it’s been that kinda week. Not to mention everything I bought had a rebate which saved me $25! And I got two bottles of wine for a buck each!)

Anyhow? After being out and about in the truck twice that day I realized just how much I LOVE the fact that I have a ZERO commute from home to work. Ok, technically I think it’s about 10 minutes for 2 miles all the darn stoplights, but still. ZERO compared to others. And that makes me smile.

Of course Mark commutes to Rochester every weekend to teach Wing Chun and every 3rd weekend works at the Planetarium, so we do our fair share of driving, but not the day to day bit. I know one of these days I’m gonna have to suck it up and deal because one of these days I’ll be livin’ out in the boonies, but by that time my entire life as I know it will be so different I will just accept it without a problem. (Right, Mark?) 😉

Funny thing is on the way to Rochester this weekend I was browsing the Artvoice Classifieds for apartments. I like to look once in a while and I have the two-year itch you know. Since moving to the Buffalo area 10 years ago I have lived in two apartments close to North Campus in Amherst and 5 apartments in the city (North Buffaloish, Allentown, Allentown, Elmwood Village and Elmwood Village.) I do love where I live right now, but how can I NOT look at this?

HUGE 1000 sq ft. 1 bedroom loft. Amazing unique layout. Two stories. New hardwood floor. Marble-floored kitchen and baths. Two bathrooms. Custom built-in dining room table, granite countertop. Huge bedroom with huge walkin closet. Brand new dishwasher, washer/dryer. Off-street parking. Just insulated. Must see!

No, we aren’t really looking to move. BUT since we still young, hip and childless singles what better place to live than in Allentown in a funky loft space? (We are both fans of the funky unique loft spaces.) And this apartment would be about a 4 block walk to my office and maybe 8 to Mark’s. Nice, eh? I mean the next real step will be up and out of the City to the Countryside and neither one of us are ready for that, yet.

Ah, to dream!

Another thing I’ve been considering this week, which has come as quite a surprise. Bikes. I saw this adorable bike in the window of a shop on Elmwood after eating lunch at Globe Market the other day. Tis the bike that now has me looking at options like this! Only $89!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?