And I’m Outta Here!

And I’m Outta Here!

My the purging this week was extensive.

And I’m not even sure how many more on Friday night, at least 5? Geez, where does the *stuff* come from?

And apparently tons of other things.

While I was sweeping here and there (but not too much I was already told I wasn’t getting my deposit back and the woman who bought the house, yes bought the house…told me she was tearing down all the ceilings as soon as she moved in) I had the help of many family members and friends to do the heavy lifting. Gert got a good share of the boxes and held her own pretty darn well.

My helpers made fun of me because all the boxes I had were labeled…but the thing is, I didn’t label any of them for this move. Poor Tim and Dayna found boxes they helped me use years ago that said things like “Attic” and “Kitchen” on the same flap. Oops!

It really meant contents of the cedar chest otherwise known as things to put in scrapbooks and organize someday. I was so blessed to have Maggie help me pack up the chest, far far too many memories inside. Every time I picked up another picture I went “aw or oh.” Maggie was all business.

Have I mentioned this post how much I love Mags?

The sweetest little girls in the world A and Maeve decided to help out too.

My goodness they could not be cuter. Maeve said it was the BEST moving party she has been to! I told her that the next party will be the best PAINTING party ever. Her mommy and daddy are dear friends to help me out and I appreciate it so.

While I was downstairs at the end of the night conversing with my Aunt Ellen and Uncle Ken who helped with the move (free beer?) Jenn and Mags set up a little of my bathroom and bedroom for me with penguins of course!

Very last thing on the agenda? Getting my boys.

And dropping off the keys.

Thank you to all who helped me move!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?