Answering the Phone

That part of my job is to answer the phone when it rings. And everytime it rings


The same holds true for my alarm clock, which is why I can only get one station in the morning!)


The REAL problem is not the ringing. But the re-ringing. As in a person calls and asks for one person, and gee whiz, THAT PERSON IS BUSY and the call goes to voice mail, so it comes BACK TO ME and the person says “I got a their voice mail.” And I say. “Yeah, so?” NO NO NO I WOULD NEVER SAY THAT! I say…”Would you like to try her assistant?” And then I transfer to the assistant and watch the phone pick up on voice mail again and then of COURSE the person calls BACK because, LO! THAT PERSON IS BUSY TOO! And then they ask if there is anyone else, and anyone else is in a meeting, or not in today or or or not at their beckon call and the person keeps CALLING ME and asking questions, that I do not know the answers to, which is why I transferred the call in the first place, when really…all they have to do is leave a voice mail.

LATHER. RINSE. REPEAT. 1000 times a day.

And yet, somehow, I’m still the most pleasant happiest voice on the other end of the phone! Go figure…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?