Home Sweet Home, Personal / Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Apartment. I haven’t been in the mood to look for apartments AT ALL this month.  Despite watching every day go by and thinking “I really need to start looking for apartments.” I did call a few places from Artvoice the other week while at the bar. I made two appointments and ditched them and never called other people back. I have pages and pages of apartments bookmarked from Craigslist, at one point about 30 of them. But, I just couldn’t get into the game.

The other day, I decided to email a few people. One person emailed me back right away and said I sounded like *a perfect fit* and was showing the place this past weekend.

And the apartment was nice. And the landlord, a young professional in Buffalo, active in the community…was lovely. He and his fiance will be living downstairs after their wedding in the Fall and he has been looking for the right person for weeks.

Tis a two bedroom, cozy living room with a corner I’m psyched to make my *reading corner* and a nice open floor plan for the kitchen. On the 2nd floor. West side of Allentown. And about a mile from my office and all the action.

Cats are fine. Washer and dryer in basement. Gardens in the front. Porch. Quiet street. Good active neighbors.

Too good to be true?

Um…yes, Mark actually happens to live on the OTHER side of this exact neighborhood, but you know this is why I loved Mark…we had the same inclination towards urban living.

I put the deposit down and the apartment is now mine.

So yeah, I guess I can start packing now, eh?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?