Artvoice Best of Buffalo Awards

Randomments / Monday, May 9th, 2011


Best of...

I attended the Artvoice Best of Buffalo Awards last night and ended up commiserating with my loser self and loser friends and their loser band at the Towne Ballroom. Technically I wasn’t a loser because I wasn’t nominated to be considered a loser this year however, I celebrated my thrice nominated always a Blogsmaid never a Bride status with good friends and good food for the evening regardless of our loser status.

Me in the Leopard Room

Here’s a photo of me commiserating in the Leopard Room of Towne Ballroom. Obviously torn up over not even getting a chance to be a loser like my friends. Hahaha.

*And no, I didn’t steal an award I merely picked it up for someone for work who just happened to be at a press conference in Belfast yesterday and is certainly NOT a loser.

Good times.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?