Ash Wednesday Musings Upon Dating

Dating / Wednesday, February 9th, 2005

Erin and I made it to church at 12:05. Ok, maybe 12:10 but we still made it. At some point during the service I was listening to the Bishop speak about the Holy Spirit and turning our questions over to God.

I pulled out a pen and wrote this line down

“My Holy Spirit= Magic 8 Ball, maybe THAT’S my problem!”

Erin and I start to laugh.

What I mean is, well take last night for example.

Erin is talking to Rand on the phone. Rand mentions that his friend Thomas and **** are going to be out too and maybe we could catch up with them. **** being the guy who’s phone number I have to call up sometime to go out. Blind date set up in the making by mutual friends.

So what do I do?

I ask Magic 8 Ball.

“Magic 8 Ball? Should I make Erin call **** and try to meet out somewhere tonight”

Reply Hazy Try Again

“Magic 8 Ball? Should I NOT think about calling C* tonight because it will be too late and he will be sleeping.”

It Is Decidedly So.

Why do I ask Magic 8 Ball? Sometimes cause I know what I want to do and what I SHOULD do are different options. I want to meet **** but I am scared. I want to see C*, but I probably shouldn’t. You know the game.

Hence, last night being so damn fun. Was I looking for the young boy at the Pink to try to take me home? No, well maybe if he had glasses. Was I looking to be charmed by a Mohawk man who wanted to take me home. Nope. Hence a number and a quick goodbye kiss. I was having fun talking with him though, and yes flirting too. But I want more. But with who? Am I holding myself back for a reason? I dunno…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?