Asparagus Time!

Garden / Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Squee! Looky here! Mama’s first homegrown asparagus spears! And yes exclamation points abound! Because I’m excited and love asparagus!

This is one of those vegetables I didn’t grow up with in the garden, I did however have it for my birthday meal every year. For some reason I thought it was fancy and delicious and I loved it. Still do.

I picked the spears on the young side, knowing they get pretty woody if they go too long. I have more plants to put in the ground, um, was going to do that this weekend but didn’t get there. So sometime this week? If I could have a crop of three dozen producing plants I would be happy, for now at least. The patch of the garden where we planted was hit up this winter with the plow a bit so we have fewer plants then I thought, but no worries. There’s always next year! And the next!

Until, then, it’s mine all mine. (HWMMS isn’t a fan.)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?