Dating / Tuesday, April 27th, 2010





Very tall Greek Guy who I went out with a few times last Fall who still doesn’t get the hint? SHOWED UP AT THE BEST OF BUFFALO PARTY LAST NIGHT BECAUSE HE FIGURED HE WOULD SEE ME.


Hm, deleting from Facebook didn’t clue him in?

NOT ANSWERING ANY OF HIS TEXTS? Or long I miss you Valentine’s Day voice mail?


“I miss you.”


And holy awkward. LUCKILY I have good friends…and Maggie instantly recognized the HUGE OH MY GOD SMILE on my face and sent in the Calvary, her sister Liz…who saved me. While I was being saved he said “friend me on Facebook, send me an email, start a scrabble game with me…anything…”

Dear God.

At this point? There’s not enough alcohol in the world. He has shown himself to be a never leave so I was certain he was still standing over there waiting for me. (Remember the incident at B&N when I was with B? I do…VIVIDLY. In fact I’m pretty sure I blogged about going to the bookstore that afternoon when he showed up that time too.)

I guess he DID leave right after. I texted Maggie from the other side of the room and he wasn’t there. I told Bobby at this point that he had to pretend he was my boyfriend if the creeper came back around. And I made Richard stand in front of me as well.

The drinks started flowing my friends…

At one point of the evening when it was pretty much just me and Richard (where did everyone else go?) I got a sappy “I miss you” from him. To which I called him a jerk. And then we toasted to our 5th-6th drink.


To top the night off of drunken awkwardness… I called John in DC and told HIM he should marry me and we could move to Cleveland. Completely ignoring the fact that he has a girlfriend who he started seriously seeing right about the time I broke up with Mark of course, who is lovely and a good match and is taking care of him.

Yep. I soon after called it a night before any other damage could be made.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?