Bad Dates

Personal, Theater / Friday, January 13th, 2006

“If you think the bug guy is cute, maybe it’s because the bug guy is cute.”


More on my fun evening after bed…

Thanks Elizabeth! VERY good to finally meet you! And Buffalo Spree!

By the way. Holy shit I love Sponge Candy. I had NO IDEA. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Almost as good as sex. Seriously. Holy god melt in my mouth yummminess….and since my date went back to her hotel with her honey after her martini…I broke into the chocolate after mine. Although I could go for…never mind. 😉

MY BAD DATE WAS well worth every cent so far…and all I did was eat some sponge candy- have a few martini’s at the Brownstone and see a fabulous play!

Can’t wait to incorporate the wine…and Chophouse gift certificate.

Oh and the Dove soap…no wait that was the BAD date. (Ick!)

Oh and I met Ron and the 3rd place winner *civil war date* her story is 1000 times better in more than 250 words 🙂


Oh and Michele Ragusa…captivating. One woman. 90 minutes. 90 pairs of shoes. Loved her.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?