Bambi: The ENEMY!

Garden, Weber Wonderland / Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Bambi: The ENEMY!

I casually walk past the front door and windows on my way to the bathroom and sneak a glance outdoors of two eyes on some large object standing on the steps. Freaked out I turn around and see not one, not two or three…but SIX FREAKING DEER right near the front steps/porch. GOOD GRIEF! WHERE DID THEY HIDE DURING HUNTING SEASON WHEN WE HAD FRIENDS OUT IN THE WOODS?

And not just in the yard or by the pond or up the driveway, but right outside the front steps and porch. Like they wanted to come in and look inside the windows at me or something! SIX DEER!

We have plans to use the 20 or so feet on each side of the front steps as a vegetable garden using the porch as a trellis…THINKING the deer won’t come as close to our front porch as they will where the main SOON TO BE FENCED IN garden will be closer to the pond.

Now, I wonder. I have a feeling there’s nothing really that will stop these creatures if they really wanted. And this is part of the joy and charm of choosing a home in the middle of the woods, right?

I think we’re gonna need to get a big barky hunting type dog or two sooner than later.

Bad, bad Bambi.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?