Barnes & Noble

My heaven on earth. The GIANT Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Pittsford, NY. I *heart* this store. I’ve spent much, much time there since meeting Mark. Mark does Wing Chun on Saturday and when I tag along for the ride up the 90, I end up here. Home Sweet Home.

This weekend while there, I browsed through these magazines. (Also playing with the new camera as you might guess.) I usually read many more but I met up with my friend Rachel (from Buffalo) who was also in Rochester for the weekend for chat and coffee instead. Odd, we can hardly meet up in Buffalo, but for some reason this weekend worked like a charm! In fact, last week was the joy of impromptu outings with friends. Starting with grabbing a Caramel Frap on a whim with my friend Chris in the middle of the workday, having lunch with my friend Andi at Cafe 59, running into Nathali at the laundromat on Wednesday and chatting, meeting up with Erin for dinner and drinks and Cozumel on Thursday night and then coffee with Rachel in Rochester! Not one of these plans were concrete more than a few hours/minutes before hand. (But for lunch which was a whole DAY in advance!) The impromtu scheduling worked like a charm probably because I had a few too many pre-work meetings and after-work meetings last week. This week—I’ll be hiding. I know it. Sad news tends to do that to me…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?