Basement Tavern

18th Century Tavern in our BASEMENT?

HWMMS basically took over the bottom floor of our house…he made a workshop area for himself along with setting up the entertainment/movie room and now…he turned the walkout basement into a makeshift 18th Century Tavern. Tent style! How cool is that?



Walkout basement before we moved in. We have BIG plans to eventually turn it into something permanent…inspiration here. All in good time. Well, more like one of the last things we will work on.

So HWMMS lit some sort of random fire under his butt this week and decided to do something NOW with that room. How to hide the walls? TARPS. Wait…use the tarps to look like a tent! YES! From there it spiraled…bought a few long tables and covered them with linens, set up all the ladderback chairs he owns, spray painted the old chandelier from Mama’s condo…and went out in the woods and cut down some rustic pole beams to complete the look. And then we added the wee fireplace we bought last winter for the house in Ransomville.[★]


2013-10-24 20.32.10 [★]

2013-10-24 21.01.26

Next step…add a few tin candle sconces to the beams, make a shelf for our mugs and pottery…set up the bar area and buy a few baskets and other assorted items here and there for the tables.

How clever. I love my smart Husband. He works his tail bone off getting this together for a minimal cost…and now it is a *finished* entertainment space we can enjoy!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?