Bath and Body Works

Sigh. I have been avoiding calling the 1-800 number for some time. Mainly because I know they are going to tell me that my FAVOURITE scent of all time, Peach Blossom is really, really, really no longer in stock. Sigh.

Today that darn email appeared: Online Exclusive – Your Favorite Fragrances are Back!

Except…not Peach. So I called. AND THE HAPPIEST CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSON OF ALL TIME ANSWERED THE PHONE JUST READY TO ASSIST ME! (My God, so happy, I don’t think I need a cup of coffee after hearing how perky she was!) Anyhow. As suspected. No peach. HOWEVER the closest product is from their newer *Breathe* line, called*Delight*

They sure do look pretty. Of course they sure are pricier too. AND still not peach. So off to EBAY I go.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?