The moon, the moon the BIG FAT MOON!

Last night somewhere around 8pm? He Who Makes Me Smile and I were driving home from an afternoon/early evening out. Just a lovely, peaceful drive home in the countryside…and all of a sudden…


I’ve never seen anything like it…

He Who Makes Me Smile introduced me to the SUPER MOON. Yes, I blogger news type read everything girl somehow missed the super moon talk.

Seriously? The moon was otherworldly.  I had a hard time believing it was the moon, in fact it was more logical that a giant orange glowing UFO orb landed in the field a few miles away and we needed to GO CATCH IT.

Back at the house the clouds and trees hid the moon until later that evening when it stood out bright and crisp in the sky. I realized most people on Twitter/Facebook didn’t get to see the amazing, giant orange orb in the early evening. Too cloudy.

My goodness I knew I loved being out in the country, but supermoon sealed the deal for me last night.

Luna. 🙂

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?