Bizness Time!

Have I mentioned I *KNOW* I’m going to be a kickass Real Estate Agent? Cause I totally am.

Now that I got that obviousbrag out of the way, yesterday I met my future Broker, Mr. J. Philip of J. Philip Real Estate for the first time in the Westchester County office. My soul sister Colleen of Best Buffalo Homes and I represent the Buffalo Contingency of the Office and since we are in NYC for BLOGHER15 this week, we decided to make an appearance and I got a chance to introduce myself.


A few hours later, I found myself as a guest at a lovely Country Club and networking with talented Real Estate Professionals at the REVamp Westchester RED Party. Not too shabby, eh? I think I like how this group rolls…


OF COURSE I just happened to have a red dress packed cause I lurve me some pretty low cut red dresses.

Life is pretty good. I feel completely content knowing for once in my life, I’m EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be.

Now, onward to my first BLOGHER conference!



Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?