Black Monday

Just an ordinary day.

1. Hello. (Postdated)
As you all can see, I switched my template and added a COMMENTS section. I wanted to be just like Erin. : ) Since she seems to be shadowing in her older and wiser best friends dating footsteps this year…the least I could do was mimic her blog. What a year. What a year.

2. My day of birth celebration.
At 11:30 last night I decided to take a hot bath. I purchased a bath bomb that fizzles into fruit punch goodness and soaked. I listened to a Pachebel CD, with candles all around me. Blah. Not really relaxing. I felt as if work was going to call asking me where I was. (I called to see if I had my vacation time off on Sunday afternoon and the schedule was not out yet! Mind you, my shift begins at 1am.) No call. Whew. I spent the rest of the night being reflective and whiny and looking at old photos. I even kinda wanted my mom to call me at Midnight…but, no… So this is what I did all night before my Erin called with the amazing details of her date with HUGH!!! I had a restless sleep and was up and out of the apartment early and at the law library. Many phone messages received while I was out, which was nice. I then came back to Buffalo and visited the Art Supply store and purchased a rather nice, ok medium nice easel for myself. I had thought about spending the remainder of the afternoon at the Art Galleries—Albright-Knox and the Burchfield Penny. BUT of course, of course…the art galleries are CLOSED on Monday. I forgot. Grrrrr. So I took a nap instead, and then headed out to live my normal life.

3. DMV
Normal life took me to the DMV where I needed to renew my license. I needed an eye test so I had to go in. 30 minutes later. Eyes are fine. I have the same photo until 2011. He he he. I like my photo. I like it alot. It is 10 years old now will I still pass for the 20 year old in 8 years? Who knows.

4. Van Miller- Buffalo Bills.
Driving on my way to campus this early morn, I was listening to Shredd and Regan. They had a “Best Of” compilation of soundbites from Van Miller’s history as the play-by-play man for the Bills. I cried. I cried even more after hearing, gasp, you guessed it Buffalo fans…the missed Super Bowl Winning field goal attempt, wide right. What a way to start the day…although ending the day with the *shocking surprise* announcement that the Bills are seeking a new head coach was nice.

5. Great Expectations?
Alas. Just another day. Got the cable bill in the mail. Watched it rain with my cats. Yippee. Erin will be coming over later and we are grabbing dinner. I asked her to pretend it was NOT my birthday, she agreed.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?