Tis no fun at ALL being a depressed extrovert let me tell ya…

Friday was a night in. Napping. Reading. Eating. Sleeping. Um…a night in with a very late sleeping in through Saturday morning into the afternoon. Which meant I missed the yard sales on Lafayette and time to see Jenn and family and the farmers market. Bah.

I ended up cleaning a bit of the apartment and putting another coat of paint on an already sad, sad pathetic looking dresser. Did a load of laundry, which I’m now likely to do over since I only put it through one dryer cycle before work last night and forgot about it today, I hate the moldy musty smell of not dried laundry. The dryer downstairs takes about 3 complete cycles to *dry* clothes. Trust me I’m not complaining, especially now that the vehicle is temporarily off the road, no wheels and no laundry is no fun at all.

Um…after some cleaning I had a drink and got ready for work. My shower happens to have a beer holder in the corner, how nice.

I had a really hard time gearing myself up to go to work. Funny thing is I KNOW I love it and would have fun but I just didn’t want to do anything. Bah again. I ended up getting ready and looked adorable of course (fat and adorable.) I chose my plaid, pleated schoolgirl skirt and cardigan with super cheap Doc Marten knock off boots. I do know how to be sassy.

I love where I work and what I do and who I do it with…my friends. But man, I was exhausted by the end of the night and just wanted to go home. The grump was coming…

And then, I realized I lost my damn cell phone. Fan-fingtastic. So now at about 11:30 pm I go BACK to work and look over all the places my cell phone could have been but of course wasn’t. The cleaning staff went through the entire building that evening and this morning and nothing.

F. F. F. F. this F***ing game.

For anyone counting, this now makes me a pathetic, poor, loser from the dinosaur age who 1. still does not have internet hooked up at home 2. chooses not to get cable because of the cost 3. has a broken down van that I’ve put about $1500 into the last 6 months and am not sure I want to feed it more money to end up throwing away two months later when something else goes wrong and 4. NO FREAKING PHONE.

Mother of all that is good, can I please get a little break?And not one of my tendon which has ended up costing several hundred in co-pays that of course was an unplanned expense.

I hate money. I hate not having money. Actually, who am I kidding I seem to hate everything right now, mostly myself. Good times.

One step forward, two steps back. Man I’d just like to make it maybe a year…no how about 6 months in a row being caught up financially without feeling like I’m drowning? I will never get ahead. And for that, I hate myself with a great passion.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?