Blast From The Past

All in a Days Work, Friends / Friday, May 14th, 2010

Blast From The Past. Something happened on my way home from work last night…

I ended up at K Gallagher’s with the old work gang from the United Way. Innocently walking home, umbrella ready…I run into Joe outside! PAPA JOE!

Me and Joe

OH MY GOODNESS! TIS BYRON’S RETIREMENT PARTY (Part Two) And by Byron I don’t mean Brown, although…um nevermind. Yay! Congrats Byron!


Of course I stayed…until MIDNIGHT.

Emily, Byron and Katie

Me and Rema

Dave's Top Ten

And what UWBEC function is complete without a Top Ten List from Dave. (Gosh, I realized how much I missed it there after hearing the Top Ten.)

By the end of the night…I was taking blurry pictures.

Me and Heather

I blame these men. (And the camera phone.) Ok not really blame as much as thank these men.

Shots with the Men

Who bought me maybe a round or two of these.


Tequila. All Things…mmmmm, tequila.

A wise old friend (old as in the age not as long, long time ago) put me in a cab around midnight. Thank God.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?